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Los Yetis
¡Nadaismo A Go-Go! (2xLP, FOC)


60s / Garage / Beat

21 Tracks; Klappcover.

In 1966, a certain go-go fever takes over Medellín. The name of the virus: LOS YETIS. They represent a very special case within the 60s rock scene in Colombia: Teenage Pop idols associated with Nadaism (a Colombian intellectual movement from the late 50s), they are the only commercially successful band based outside the capital city, Bogota, and have managed to remain in the musical mind of the nation. Their true entrance to the music industry comes in February 1966 through the record label Discos Fuentes, with the support of a promotion strategy unheard-of in Colombia until then. They would become the new idols of thousands of teenagers infected by the go-go craze that THE BEATLES had originated a few years earlier.

LOS YETIS combined covers of international hits with their own songs, which, even if a little tame, had a wild spirit and lyrics with attitude set to beat, surf and garage rhythms.

Interpret: Los Yetis
Label: Munster
Katalog-Nr.: MR 289 (EAN: 8435008828912)
Format: 2xLP, FOC
Land: Spain
Erscheinungsjahr: 2009
Genre: Garage & Lo-Fi / Rock'n'Roll
Style: 60s / Garage / Beat

Sprache: Andere

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A1. El Tito / Mi Primer Juguete 5:52
A2. Cantemos 1:46
A3. Yo Grito 2:31
A4. Revolucionando 3:04
A5. Mr. Shoemaker 1:48
B1. Delirio 1:52
B2. Llego El Desorden 1:57
B3. Ya No Te Aguanto Mas 1:53
B4. Pedimos La Paz 2:21
B5. Love 2:29
C1. Me Siento Loco 3:12
C2. Mary Mary 2:25
C3. Sabes Cuanto Te Quiero 2:30
C4. No Me Digas Adios 2:35
C5. Te Espero En La Guerra 2:39
C6. Llegaron Los Peluqueros 4:05
D1. Flying High 3:01
D2. Amor Sideral 3:03
D3. La Tierra De Las Mil Danzas 3:09
D4. Tres Grados Bajo Cero 3:19
D5. Soy Un Hombre 3:04
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