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Cut In The Hill Gang
Mean Black Cat (LP)
feat. Johnny Walker (Soledad Brothers) & James Leg (Black Diamond Heavies)


Lo-Fi / Blues Rock / Garage

10 Tracks; Reissue.

CUT IN THE HILL GANG are from Cincinnati. It's Johnnie Walker from the SOLEDAD BROTHERS, Reuben Glaser, the frontman of PEARLENE, Lance Kaufman, the frontman of a rockabilly band called STARDEVILS, and James Leg of the BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES. This record makes you wanna fuck your woman and punch your neighbor in the face while it, equal parts, caresses and punishes your speakers. This record is a sweaty summer night in a dirty bar with an undersized air conditioner. This record is what the term "Deep Blues" was coined for.This record is primal. This record finds the essence of rock and roll and doesn't give it back.

Interpret: Cut In The Hill Gang
Format: LP
Kategorie: Vinyl
Label: Beast
Katalog-Nr.: BR139 (EAN: 4024572638429)
Erscheinungsjahr: 2010/2013
Erscheinungsland: France
Genre: Garage & Lo-Fi / Rock & Pop / Blues & Country
Style: Lo-Fi / Blues Rock / Garage

Produzent: Reuben Glaser
Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A1. Don't Ever Leave Your Daddy
A2. Help Me
A3. Please Gimme Something
A4. I Wanna Holler
A5. Let's Get Funky/Black To Comm
B1. Serves Me Right To Suffer
B2. Come On Home
B3. The Right To Love You
B4. Fuck The People/Revolution
B5. Promise Me
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