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Negative Approach
Nothing Will Stand In Our Way (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
feat. John Brannon (Laughing Hyenas / Easy Action)


Hardcore Punk / Killed By Death

53 Tracks; Weißes Vinl; Compilation; Reissue.

NA are known as one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time they challenge the ranks of BLACK FLAG, SSD, MINOR THREAT, BAD BRAINS & POISON IDEA although they only made one 7" & one LP in the 80's the recently found 1984 session "Friends Of No One" has prompted Lead Vocalist John Brannon to unveil the earliest works of the band: From 1981's first known recording to the first gig to the 2 songs that were outtakes from the 7in as well as the 2 classic live perfromances in their entirety this 53 song compilation stretches all the recordings leading up to their first single. Covered by bands such as AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL, AFI, 100 DEMONS, HATEBREED, CHEAP SEX to name a few .A great collection that covers the first of everything from NA.

Interpret: Negative Approach
Label: Taang!
Katalog-Nr.: TAANG! # 210
Format: LP, farbiges Vinyl
Land: United States
Erscheinungsjahr: 2011/2012
Genre: Punk / Hardcore
Style: Hardcore Punk / Killed By Death

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

First Known Recording 1981;
A1. Pressure
A2. Ring Ring Ring
A3. Fashionable Idiots
A4. You Don't Know

First Gig - Bookie's - Detroit 9/30/81:
A5. Fashionable Idiots
A6. Chaos (4 SKINS)
A7. No Doubt About It
A8. Pressure
A9. I Don't Want It
A10. Sick Of Talk
A11. Lost Cause
A12. Negative Approach

Clubhouse Demo - Detroit 1981:
A13. Ready To Fight
A14. Pressure
A15. Fashionable Idiots
A16. Sick Of Talk
A17. Negative Approach
A18. D.A.B.F.
A19. Genocide
A20. No Doubt About It
A21. Lost Cause
A22. Ready To Fight (Second Take)
A23. Pressure (Second Take)

Mudd Club - NYC 8/01/82:
B1. Can't Tell No One
B2. Friend Or Foe
B3. Live Your Life
B4. Pressure
B5. Fair Warning
B6. Sick Of Talk
B7. Whatever I Do
B8. Chaos (4 SKINS)
B9. Said And Done
B10. Ready To Fight
B11. Lost Cause
B12. Why Be Something That You're Not
B13. Genocide
B14. Nothing
B15. Never Surrender (BLITZ)
B16. Negative Approach

First E.P. Outtakes 1982:
B17. D.A.B.F.
B18. Chaos (4 SKINS)

Freezer Theater - Detroit 6/18/82:
B19. Can't Tell No One
B20. Whatever I Do
B21. Ready To Fight
B22. Live Your Life
B23. Said And Done
B24. Chaos (4 SKINS)
B25. Fair Warning
B26. Sick Of Talk
B27. Why Be Something That You're Not
B28. Nothing
B29. Lost Cause
B30. Negative Approach
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