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The Retros
Inner City Rockers - The Retros 1979 (CD)


Punk Rock / Power Pop / Killed By Death

16 Tracks; Limited to 200 copies.

THE RETROS were arguably the best Punk band in St. Louis during their brief existence between 1978-1981. A couple attempts at recordings were made, but THE RETROS produced no official releases during their lifespan. In the Spring of 1979, the band was the subject of a final exam for a friend’s studio recording class at Webster University. When the exam was finished, THE RETROS took advantage of the couple hours of leftover studio time. They ripped through twelve originals in a quick, live-in-the studio type set up. The block of studio time was completely exhausted with the recording, and they didn't even have time for playback. The reel ended up on a shelf in Soundman/Manager, Don Hollenbeck's closet, and it would be almost thirty years before these recordings were heard by ANYONE. The CD includes the entire twelve song studio session and adds four bonus live tracks.

Interpret: The Retros
Label: BDR
Katalog-Nr.: BDR #4
Format: CD
Land: United States
Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
Genre: Punk / Mod & Power Pop / Rock
Style: Punk Rock / Power Pop / Killed By Death

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

1. High Energy Love 2:24
2. This Girl 2:26
3. She's Got Muscles 2:21
4. 9:00 Bridge 2:29
5. Rubber Glove Love 3:24
6. Yes Boy 2:42
7. Looking Out For Me 2:18
8. Rock & Roll Curse (instrumental) 2:07
9. You're A Sham 2:59
10. All Talk, No Action 0:45
11. Hen-Pecked Husband 3:08
12. Inner City Rockers 2:21
13. Guitar Graveyard 2:57
14. Rock & Roll Curse (vocal Version) 2:33
15. Better Off Dead 4:05
16. Heartbeat 2:51
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