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Aborted Tortoise
An Beach (LP)


Garage Punk / Punk Rock / Surf Punk

15 Tracks; Reissue; Limited to 500 copies.

ABORTED TORTOISE’s debut album, "An Beach", is just about everything you’d hope for from a Western Australian punk record: 15 tracks, half-hour run time, lots of sun-struck goon-flecked thrashing and a salty scintilla of uncynical surf rock. ... With the lo-fi immediacy of THE SONICS, the faux-dumbass sensibilities of the RAMONES and the sly musical inventiveness of DEAD KENNEDYS, ABORTED TORTOISE definitely recall a lot of crucial punk touchstones. Meanwhile I’m also reminded of Melbourne brat-boys AUSMUTEANTS, and more specifically, ‘90s Perth band THE FEENDS - bonkers treble-heavy riffing with post-Ventures noodling and snotty sandgroper vocals. Plus, tongues balanced delicately in cheeks.... ABORTED TORTOISE might make most sense in the live setting: the visceral impact of a band going ballistic is most logically received there-and-then, with the sweat beads landing in your eyeballs. But like that recent winning album from Boat Show, "An Beach" does a stellar job of bottling the mayhem. Take it home, uncork it, let it breathe and then scull it like the filthy little demon you are.

This LP was originally (self-) released on March 21, 2017, limited to 150 copies.

Interpret: Aborted Tortoise
Format: LP
Kategorie: Vinyl
Label: Bachelor
Katalog-Nr.: BR-98
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017/2018
Erscheinungsland: Austria
Genre: Punk / Garage & Lo-Fi / Surf & Instro
Style: Garage Punk / Punk Rock / Surf Punk

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A1. Get Off The Road
A2. Goodbye Beach
A3. Cheese Supreme
A4. Fashionably Late
A5. Bees 1
A6. Bees 2
A7. No Skin
A8. Spewin' McGregor
B1. Get Mum
B2. Responsibilities
B3. Wasted Goods
B4. Flash Photography
B5. TV Set
B6. Bab
B7. Crumple Zone
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