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Freak Genes
Qwak Qwak (LP+MP3)
feat. Andrew (The Hipshakes / Proto Idiot) & Charlie (Red Cords / Holiday Ghosts)

NeuwareGB2018Drunken Sailor

'77 Style Punk / Post Punk / Power Pop

17 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt + Download-Code.

If you distilled the late-70s explosion of punk rock into a single mixtape that incorporated the pop side, the garage side, and the experimental noise side, FREAK GENES would be that mixtape made flesh. FREAK GENES is the child of Andrew Anderson and Charlie Murphy, brought into this world to make fun music. Charlie has survived bands like RED CORDS, HOLIDAY GHOST and M.RUTT, while Andrew is a veteran of PROTO IDIOT, THE MARBLE VANITY and THE HIPSHAKES. The idea behind FREAK GENES is to take all the weird ideas deemed too dysfunctional for their other outlets and create something interesting. Their original inspiration was THE RAINCOATS LP "Odyshape". So far, they sound nothing like that.

Interpret: Freak Genes
Label: Drunken Sailor
Katalog-Nr.: DRUNKENSAILOR 089
Format: LP+MP3
Land: United Kingdom
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Genre: Punk / Mod & Power Pop
Style: '77 Style Punk / Post Punk / Power Pop

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A1. At Odds With You 01:22
A2. On The Tv 02:28
A3. Give Way 02:47
A4. We Want Trouble 02:17
A5. Romford 01:16
A6. Layers 02:58
A7. Isn't The End 01:38
A8. Chemical Shift 02:11
A9. Anonymous 01:44
B1. Destroy 02:08
B2. Read The Papers 04:23
B3. 7 or 9 01:31
B4. Vermillion 01:44
B5. It's Not There 01:36
B6. Not Quite Enough 00:58
B7. Talk 2 02:43
B8. Drainage Curriculum Vitae 01:30
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