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The Gags
Götterdämmerung (1979+80: 18 Never Released Punk Gesänge) (LP, farbiges Vinyl)


70s / 80s / Punk Rock / Killed By Death

18 Tracks; Compilation; Grünes Vinyl; Limited to 300 copies.

The Gags (ex-Mittageisen, the band who released the first Milano punk 7", the now hyper-rare 'Hardcore/Transylvania1760') were the best kept secret of late'70s/early '80s Milano punk scene. After the widely acclaimed 'Criss Cross' LP (HATE29, out in 2004, sold out and totally out of print since then) here we got the TOTALLY UNRELEASED 'Götterdämmerung' LP, including 18 tracks from the Gags' archives recorded between fall 1979 and summer 1980 (sources: demos and rehearsal tapes). These songs reflect the group's imagery in full, revealing why the Gags are highly considered by early punk aficionados in Italy and abroad. Limited to 300 copies.

Interpret: The Gags
Label: Hate
Katalog-Nr.: HATE 46
Format: LP, farbiges Vinyl
Land: Italy
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Genre: Punk
Style: 70s / 80s / Punk Rock / Killed By Death

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A1. Intro: Avec Les Punks
A2. Maximilian Aldorfer (There's A Nazi On The Terrace) 3:21
A3. Each Side Country 2:33
A4. Bye Bye, Bye Bye 3:19
A5. Sex People 3:08
A6. Goliardia Chant 2:56
A7. Russian Roulette 2:17
A8. Ptosis Pattern 3:30
A9. Darling Be My Wife 3:42
B1. Rippers Over Scotland 3:16
B2. Feet 2:21
B3. This Love Between Boxers 2:43
B4. Reislick Steps In 2:54
B5. Sisters And Brothers 1:45
B6. She Is Virgin (mmmhh) 3:21
B7. No Greater Love 2:28
B8. Von Masoch And His Boyscout 1:50
B9. Such Good Taste 2:00
B10. Debbie Hates The Jews 1:28
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