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The Battlebeats
Search & Destroy (LP+MP3)
Andresa Nugraha (Saturday Night Karaoke)

NeuwareDE2021Alien Snatch!

Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / One Man Band

17 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code; LImited to 200 copies (of 300).

Absolutely stunning debut full of pyroclastic smashers, this volcano will unleash rivers of lava melting your brain! BATTLEBEATS is the new garage-punk sensation from 2019 and finally available on vinyl to enter your hit list!

To cite Faster & Louder: "The sound here is raw and ferocious, with songs alternating between the wild, blown-out rock and roll of tracks like "You're My Wild One" and "I Wanna Break Away" and the snot-drenched rage of "She's So Overrated". This is exactly the way lo-fi garage punk ought to be: cheaply-recorded, brimming with untamed energy, and stripped to the essence of three-chord simplicity. Songs for the most part clock in under two minutes - and even at seventeen tracks, the album leaves me wanting more. Crank up the volume and make like the '90s never ended!"

Andresa plays everything on his own - working with a guitar plugged into an overdrive pedal and a 15-watt amp, a floor tom-snare drum set, tambourine, and no bass. The band story sounds like a budget rock fairytale, young fanboy Andresa touring with prior band Japan, going to a bar after a show to meet his idol Fifi of TEENGENERATE! Showing drawings and pledge for song lyrics, Fifi is overwhelmed and happy to share the same instincts for rocknroll and power pop. Like a long lost ninja son, he suggest the band name for his new indonesian friend and BATTLEBEATS are born. He got his first 45 "You Stabbed Me In The Back" out on Post Party Deppression in the US in late 2020. You may have heard the chords before, but this Rock and Roll rawness is turning you inside out and you feel the TEENTRASH kid in you just going wild. It´s like having a beer and wondering why it tastes so good as you never had a beer before! Next time your uncle habitually grabs his stained PERSUADERS records, you can easily send him off the rocking chair.

"Search & Destroy" got additional KILLER analog vinyl mastering by A-HULEHULE and BARRATO in Berlin and you won´t believe the outcome. Limited first edition to 300 copies (200 black, 100 in clear vinyl with black swirls) on ALIEN SNATCH! budget rock sisterhood division.

Interpret: The Battlebeats
Format: LP+MP3
Kategorie: Vinyl
Label: Alien Snatch!
Katalog-Nr.: SNATCH!110 (EAN: 4260119671102)
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Erscheinungsland: Germany
Genre: Punk / Garage & Lo-Fi
Style: Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / One Man Band

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A1. It Should Have Been Me 1:39
A2. Stitch Your Heart Up 1:37
A3. She’s So Overated 1:26
A4. When I Got Rock’N’Roll 1:55
A5. I’m Just A Piece Of Shit 2:29
A6. Inside Your Heart 1:49
A7. You’re My Wild 1:40
A8. Bedroom Fiasco Blues 1:26
B1. It’s Time To R’N’R 1:46
B2. They Got Mad At Me 1:27
B3. I Don’t Wanna Go Back Home 2:19
B4. I Wanna Break Away 1:39
B5. Won’t Get A Life 1:28
B6. She Don’t Need You 1:56
B7. You Stabbed Me In The Back 1:19
B8. Search And Destroy 0:50
B9. Let’s Get Hurt (TEENGENERATE) 2:37
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