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Agnostic Front
First Warning: The 'United Blood' Era Recordings, New York City, 1983 (LP)
feat. Roger Miret (Madball)


80s / Hardcore Punk

47 Tracks; Compilation; Repress; Limited Edition.

The recordings featured on this incendiary compilation date from the very start of their recording career, beginning with the demos that led to their debut 7" release, the self-issued "United Blood" EP (1983), bolstered by other recordings from the period that were left unissued at the time; some of the material included here later appeared on the "Raw And Unleased" CD (1995), but several songs are appearing on vinyl here for the very first time.

Interpret: Agnostic Front
Format: LP
Kategorie: Vinyl
Label: Radiation
Katalog-Nr.: RRS110 (EAN: 8055515231106)
Erscheinungsjahr: 2019/2020
Erscheinungsland: Italy
Genre: Punk / Hardcore
Style: 80s / Hardcore Punk

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

United Blood 7" (Two-Track Mixdown):
A1. No One Rules
A2. Final War
A3. Last Warning
A4. Traitor
A5. Friend Or Foe
A6. United Blood
A7. Fight
A8. Discriminate Me
A9. In Control
A10. Crucial Changes

Extended United Blood Recording:
A11. Smell The Bacon
A12. What's With You
A13. In Control
A14. Last Warning
A15. Fuck All Authority
A16. Fight
A17. Final War
A18. Discriminate Me
A19. United Blood
A20. No Rights (No One Rules)
A21. Friend Or Foe
A22. We Shoud Care
A23. Crucial Changes
A24. Traitor
A25. United Blood
A26. Discriminate Me
A27. We Should Care

Pre-United Blood Recording:
B1. Smell The Bacon / What's With You
B2. In Control
B3. Last Warning
B4. Fuck All Authorithy
B5. Fight
B6. Get Out / Final War
B7. Discriminate Me
B8. United Blood
B9. Society Suckers
B10. No Rights (No One Rules)
B11. Friend Or Foe
B12. We Should Care
B13. Blind Justice
B14. Crucial Changes
B15. Traitor
B16. Skins Go Marching In
B17. We Can Do Anything
B18. It's My Life

Message From The Underground compilation (Urinal Records):
B19. United Blood
B20. Time Will Come
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