Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers feat. Bruce Brand (The Milkshakes / Thee Headcoats / The Masonics) & John Gibbs (The Kaisers / The Wildebeests / The Masonics)
Square Guitar (LP)
Rock'n'Roll / Rockabilly / R&B
14 Tracks; Inkl. bedruckter Innenhülle mit Texten. "Szene-Kenner werden mit den Ohren schlackern, denn das englische Trio aus dem Umfeld von BILLY CHILDISH und HOLLY GOLIGHTLY besteht aus Mitglied... Details
14,50 €
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The Matadors pre-The Blue Effect / pre-Emergency
Get Down From The Tree! (2xLP)
NeuwareES2011MunsterMR 299
60s / Garage / Beat / R&B / Freakbeat
24 Tracks; Klappcover. THE MATADORS' studio recordings 1966-1968 for the first time ever as a complete collection. From the early twist instrumentals through to solid R&B/soul covers and up to the... Details
18,90 €
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The Royal Hangmen
s/t (LP)
NeuwareDE2012Screaming AppleSCALP 198
60s Style / Garage Punk / R&B / Beat
11 Tracks. If you go bananas listening to bands like the SHADOWS OF KNIGHT, the ZAKARY THAKS, the BAD SEEDS, the CYNICS and the STAGGERS, this one's for you babe! The first long-playing record by ... Details
12,90 €
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King Salami & The Cumberland Three feat. Kamikaze U.T. Vincent (Chinese Lungs)
Goin' Back To Wurstville (LP)
NeuwareGB2017Dirty WaterDWC1088LP
R&B / Garage / Rock'n'Roll / Soul
14 Tracks. London's only rhythm'n'blues-punk band.They rock up a storm with their own branded mix of vintage rockabilly, desperate rock'n'roll and stomping soul, with fire, energy, gusto and, abov... Details
17,90 €
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Speedball Baby
Annie Anytime / Hey Shine! (7")
NeuwareES2003Discos Alehop!HOP 020
Rockabilly / Garage / R&B
2 Tracks. Die Band ist bislang eher für ihre chaotischen, mit Rhythmuswechseln durchzogenen, wilden Rockabilly Art Punk Nummern bekannt. Umso mehr überrascht ist man vom Titelsong der New Yorker, ... Details
4,50 €
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The Twistaroos The Yum Yums
Twisted! (LP)
NeuwareDE2010Screaming AppleSCALP 189
60s Style / R&B / Soul / Rock'n'Roll
14 Tracks. It's the YUM YUMS which become THE TWISTAROOS when they're getting a little tired of doing that good old bubblegum/power-pop thing, starting to play soulful rhythm'n'blues and rock'n'ro... Details
12,50 €
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V/A The Jaybirds / The Clique / The Apemen / Rudi Protrudi / Green Slime / Thee Cherylinas / Jeff Hershey & The Heartbeats / Strange Flowers / The Others
Beat-O-Mania At Its Best (CD)
NeuwareDE1995Music ManiacMMCD 88015
60s Style / Garage Rock / Beat / R&B
9 Bands; 20 Tracks. Special Music Maniac TEEN-TRASH live festival recordings put on CD featured here are: GREEN SLIME (Germany), CHERYLINAS (Germany), APEMEN (Germany), CLIQUE (UK), RUDI PROTRUDI ... Details
3,90 €
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V/A Elvis Presley / Buddy Holly / Johnny Burnette / Johnny Cash / Roy Orbison / Gene Vincent / Eddie Cochran / Carl Perkins / Link Wray / Bo Diddley / Screaming 'Lord' Sutch / John Lee Hoo...
Rockin' In The Graveyard (2xCD)
NeuwareGB2012Not Now MusicNOT2CD449
50s / 60s / Rock'n'Roll / R&B
Gone but not forgotten: 50 original recordings. Details
5,90 €
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The Wildebeests feat. John Gibbs (The Kaisers / The Masonics / Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers)
Feel The Pain (7")
R&B / Garage / Beat / Punk
4 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies. UK rhythm'n'blues-based beat punk noise. Well, what else would you expect from a tri-sonic jukebox that names among it's primary inspiration Bo, Chuck, Link, Kink,... Details
5,90 €
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