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Ausmuteants / PUFF
Split (7")
NeuwareDE2017Aarght! / Static AgeAARGHT042 / SA047
Synth-Punk / Post Punk
2 Bands; 4 Tracks. PUFF, a very dirty and ugly SCREAMERS but with guitar, a nasty DEVO touch and a pinch of No Wave elements, sounding as authentic as can be this side of the 1970s. Oh, and there ... Details
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Identitatsverlust (7")
Deutschpunk / Synth-Punk / Post Punk
3 Tracks. Debut single from Berlin's PUFF! If Sean & Erin from THE SPITS were raised in 1980's Germany by freaky parents with a kraut-rock collection, their band might have sounded a lot like this... Details
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Living In The Partyzone (LP)
Lo-Fi / Synth-Punk / Post Punk / Electro
10 Tracks. From the sadly sanitized bowels of Berlin, PUFF comes correct to the Slovenly / Mondo Mongo roster once again with the madcap "Living In The Partyzone" LP. These mysterious dumpster dwe... Details
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