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Aborted Tortoise
An Beach (LP)
Garage Punk / Punk Rock / Surf Punk
15 Tracks; Reissue; Limited to 500 copies. ABORTED TORTOISE’s debut album, "An Beach", is just about everything you’d hope for from a Western Australian punk record: 15 tracks, half-hour run time,... Details
8,50 €
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Action Swingers feat. Brett Wilder (The Vacant Lot / Trick Babys) & Ned Hayden (The Nightmares)
Enough Already! Live! (LP)
NeuwareIT2004Rockin' BonesRON 061
Garage Punk
12 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies (of 600). The last ACTION SWINGERS show. Broken strings, forgotten words - the way it was. Kicked screaming & hollering outta the Lower East Side in 1998 at the Co... Details
6,50 €
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Davie Allan & The Arrows
The Born Losers Theme (7")
Neuware (m/m-)US1997Get HipGH-209
Surf / Garage / Instrumental
2 Tracks. In the late sixties, DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS carved their niche in the musical history books with an array of classic instrumentals and two dozen motion picture soundtracks. The most not... Details
16,90 €
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Amyl & The Sniffers
Big Attraction & Giddy Up (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareGB2018Damaged GoodsDAMGOOD494LP
Garage Punk / Punk Rock
10 Tracks; Weißes Vinyl; Limited to 1000 copies. Die zwei ausverkauften EPs auf einem Longplayer! Wilder Garagen-Punk-Pub-Rock aus Australien! AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS sind eine Punkband, die vom Gei... Details
16,90 €
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s/t (LP)
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk
10 Tracks. From an infected rat infested Chilean gutter comes the debut LP from Santiago's ANMLS - a crude combat booted kick to the temple in the grand tradition of confrontational units like ESK... Details
7,30 €
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The Anomalys feat. Bone (The Sex Organs)
Deadline Blues (7")
Garage Punk
2 Tracks. This is the darkest effort yet from from the negative tequila sex beat bringers, Amsterdam's ANOMALYS. The A-nomaly side of this single, "Deadline Blues", is a tough assed mid-tempo thre... Details
7,00 €
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The Anomalys feat. Bone (The Sex Organs)
Retox (7")
Garage Punk
2 Tracks. The Anomalys are Amsterdam's most dangerous band and one of the world's wildest live bands. They shove two hyper blasts of PURELY REAL punk'n'roll right up yer cootch with "Retox" and "M... Details
13,50 €
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Arsene Obscene Veines / Kaiser Bitnik / Flaschen / The Electric Mormons
Zone Industrielle (LP)
NeuwareDE2010P.TrashFULL TRASH 52
Lo-Fi / Punk Rock / One Man Band
14 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies. Francois from the VEINES and his new solo-fi one-man pharmacy ARSENE OBSCENE. You're about to swallow 14 grams of crunched-out and fuzzed-up Punkrock powder, swee... Details
13,50 €
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Atomic Suplex
Bathroom Party (LP)
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Trash
12 Tracks. Prepare yerselves for a loudass obnoxia-fest, folks: here’s a muy fine 12- cut 45 rpm 12" of SCREE from London’s ATOMIC SUPLEX! This wild platter grabs a few cuts issued on 45s and adds... Details
5,90 €
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Atomic Suplex
Rock & Roll Must Die (7")
NeuwareFR2010Frantic CityFRANTOC 010
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Trash
3 Tracks; Limited to 500 numbered copies. Destructo Rock & Roll at its best, these guys from Croydon (Greater London) are the English GUITAR WOLF, no joke! Three super raw Garage Punk tracks like ... Details
7,50 €
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Ausmuteants feat. Jake (The Frowning Clouds / Wet Blankets / Hierophants / School Damage) & Billy (The Living Eyes)
Felix Tried To Kill Himself (7")
NeuwareIT2014Goodbye BoozyGB 88
Lo-Fi / Synth-Punk / Duo
2 Tracks; One-Sided; Repress; Limited to 150 copies. Details
12,00 €
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The Avatars
Never A Good Time (CD)
2nd Hand (m-/m-)US2006No FunNFCD019
Power Pop / Garage Rock / Punk Rock
The 10 rocking tracks bristle with up-beat pop energy that picks up the legacy that the RAMONES, THE ROMANTICS and NIKKI CORVETTE started 3 decades ago. THE AVATARS add their own fresh sound to the... Details
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