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The Squires ex-The Rogues
Going All The Way With The Squires (LP+7", FOC)
60s / Garage Rock / Folk Punk
18 Tracks; Klappcover; Reissue. Fully remastered and with 8 more unissued cuts, tons more liner notes and color photos of these Connecticut garage gods! 16 tracks of garage/folk-punk genius plus a... Details
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V/A The Answer / The Burgundy Runn / Jack And The Beanstalks / The Jackson Investment Co. / The Kings Ransom / The Mad Hatters / The Jujus / The Fortune Seekers / The Bees / The Sleepers /...
Teenage Shutdown Vol. 9: "Teen Jangler Blowout!" (LP)
NeuwareUS1995/2012CryptLP-TS 6609
60s / Garage Punk / Folk Punk
17 Bands; 17 Tracks; Reissue. A ripping slew of revved-up, ampheta-folkpunk Stonesy/Byrds-on-meth ringers with lotsa ringin' guit, ala the primo example set by THE SYNDICATE OF SOUND "Little Girl". Details
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