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Las Chinas
Amor En Frio (LP)
NeuwareES2013MunsterMR 333
New Wave / Post Punk / Killed By Death
10 Tracks; Inkl. Booklet. The complete official recordings (1980-1982) of this all-girl band from Madrid plus previously unreleased demos and live tracks. 80s Spanish new wave pop at its best. Inc... Details
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Five Or Six
Cántame Esa Canción Que Dice, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (LP)
NeuwareES1982/2015ViNiLiSSSiMOMR-SSS 530
RSD 2015 / Post Punk / New Wave
11 Tracks; Reissue. UK Post-Punk, recorded between 1980 and 1982. Details
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The Reflections feat. Mark Perry (Alternative TV) & Karl Blake (Lemon Kittens) & Nag (The Door & The Window)
Slugs And Toads (LP)
NeuwareES1981/2013ViNiLiSSSiMOMR-SSS 524
Post Punk / Prog Rock / Killed By Death
12 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Reissue; Remastered. A much-needed reissue of this obscure gem of British post-punk from 1981. The Reflections were a sort of post-punk supergroup formed by Mark Perry (Alte... Details
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Swell Maps feat. Nikki Sudden (Jacobites) & Epic Soundtracks & Jowe Head (Television Personalities / The Long Decline / Househunters / Palookas)
Archive Recordings Volume 1: Wastrels And Whippersnappers (LP)
NeuwareES2014MunsterMR 344
Art Punk / Post Punk / Killed By Death
21 Tracks; Compilation. The early, wild and experimental home recordings of SWELL MAPS released on vinyl for the first time. This collection represents a fascinating insight into the adventurous l... Details
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