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Local Oafs
Too Dumb To Reason, Too Fucked Up To Dream (LP)
ex-The Manikins

NeuwareDE2006P.Trash / Cage Match Federation

Lo-Fi / Punk Rock

28 Tracks.

These wild swedish guys blast out their load of 28 short, fast, fucked up and furious Punkrock hymns in record time. On board are Kalle and Max of the mighty MANIKINS. Image HENRY FIAT'S OPEN SORE and THE MANIKINS, together with REGULATIONS and BRUTAL KNIGHTS speeding down drunk a nocturnal freeway. It`s frantic, dirty, humorous and full of smutty melodies.

Interpret: Local Oafs
Format: LP
Kategorie: Vinyl
Label: P.Trash / Cage Match Federation
Katalog-Nr.: FULL TRASH 15 / CMF 008
Erscheinungsjahr: 2006
Erscheinungsland: Germany
Genre: Punk / Garage & Lo-Fi
Style: Lo-Fi / Punk Rock

Sprache: Englisch / Andere

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A1. Tonight I Dance, Tomorrow I'm Dead
A2. I Really Don't Know And I Really Don't Care
A3. I Hate Vinyls
A4. Run Moptop Run
A5. I'm A P To The I Ending With The G
A6. Focus! Focus! Focus!
A7. Jag Orkar Inte Mer
A8. Terry Funk (You're A Punk)
A9. Demons To Some Angels To Others
A10. Son Of Samhall
A11. Undercover Nothing
A12. Mongoloid By Nature
A13. Black Rose
A14. I Want Myself An Office
B1. Nature Boy Strut
B2. Local Oafs Entertainment
B3. I Wanna Die Alone
B4. Do Not Ever Cry
B5. MittI I Fejjan
B6. O-O-O A-A-A
B7. Pga Dig!
B8. My Ass Is For Sale So Pay Up
B9. Mommy Daddy P12
B10. Telling It Like It Is
B11. You Talk To Me You Pick A Fight
B12. Babysitter
B13. 88Svensson88
B14. Right Wing Youth
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