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More Than You Bargained For - The 144 Minute (CD)
In Ano / Tonsul / Sohcahtoa / Merick / The Dorks / Sanity Assassins / Battery Pack / Germ Attack / Rubber Frogs / Philbert / Candidate / Roman The Edge / National Guard / Teevie / Afterbirth / Provocative Elbow / Emotion Zero / Uriel

2nd Hand (m-/m-) US1997Urinine

Punk / Hardcore

18 Bands; 58 Tracks.

This CD is not mono compatible! Playing instructions: In order to hear all 144 minutes of Sidrophonic sound you must listen to this CD one channel at a time. That means listening to it first in the right speaker and then again in the left speaker.

Interpret: V/A
Format: CD
Kategorie: CDs
Label: Urinine
Katalog-Nr.: URN CD-001
Erscheinungsjahr: 1997
Erscheinungsland: United States
Genre: Punk / Hardcore
Style: Punk / Hardcore

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

L1. In Ano - SD
L2. In Ano - Stick
L3. Tonsul - Opener
L4. Tonsul - Menudo
L5. Tonsul - Controller
L6. Tonsul - Mall Cop
L7. Sohcahtoa - Poison Dart
L8. Merick - Obedience Training
L9. Merick - Million
L10. Merick - Flies To Shit
L11. Merick - Auslander
L12. The Dorks - Grow Up
L13. The Dorks - I H8 California
L14. The Dorks - Drive-In
L15. The Dorks - Lucky 13
L16. The Dorks - WeinerBrain
L17. Sanity Assassins - Galaxy Speedway
L18. Sanity Assassins - My Last Laugh
L19. Battery Pack - Old New Song
L20. Battery Pack - Pact
L21. Battery Pack - Justified
L22. Battery Pack - Tissue
L23. Germ Attack - Message
L24. Germ Attack - War
L25. Germ Attack - Living By Numbers
L26. Rubber Frogs - Anarchy Thursday
L27. Rubber Frogs - The Ska Song
L28. Rubber Frogs - Blowin' Smoke
L29. Rubber Frogs - I Got No
R1. Philbert - Fleshing The Hero
R2. Philbert - Combine
R3. Philbert - Failure
R4. Philbert - Alienate
R5. Candidate - About Missing
R6. Candidate - No More Needles
R7. Roman The Edge - More Than I Bargained For
R8. Roman The Edge - Corderoy
R9. Roman The Edge - Goodbye Henry
R10. National Guard - Neighbors
R11. National Guard - Brainwash Carwash
R12. National Guard - Playtime
R13. National Guard - Ska Show
R14. National Guard - Jocklover
R15. National Guard - Polynesian Fertility Dance
R16. Teevie - Fireman on Cocaine
R17. Teevie - If I Were a Goddess
R18. Teevie - Trinity
R19. Teevie - Don't Talk to Me
R20. Teevie - What Time Zone
R21. Afterbirth - Cesspool
R22. Afterbirth - Influence
R23. Afterbirth - Bastard-Toadlax
R24. Provocative Elbow - Sanitation
R25. Provocative Elbow - Fake Face
R26. Provocative Elbow - Nobody Asked You
R27. Emotion Zero - Slaughterself
R28. Emotion Zero - Monument
R29. Uriel - ...Heretical Lies That Come From the Pit of Hell
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