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The Chiefs
Speed Rock (7")
feat. Paul Frey (Plastix / Standart Oil / Westblock)

NeuwareAT2014Bachelor Archives

Lo-Fi / Proto Punk / Killed By Death

3 Tracks; Limited to 300 copies.

Unearthed recordings of a true Austrian proto punk band from 1977.

So here's the story: Three guys living in 2620 Strasshof near Neunkirchen, Austria (never heard of this shithole? Me neither..), with nothing to do and nowhere to go formed a band called THE CHIEFS. This was 1977, they hardly got any resources but records from TROGGS, KINKS and likewise. They practised five times total and did only one gig. The local dive who booked them thought they were loonies cause they wanted to get paid in Lire, the Italian currency at that time, not in Austrian Schilling. Why? Just for fun, just to get a whole lot of cash into their pockets... (1 Euros equals about 1963 Lire). After the show they tried to spend the money in discos, of course no barkeeper took this kind of money. We don't know if this monetary disaster is the main reason for the break-up, but the three CHIEFS parted ways and went on to start other bands.

25 years later Andreas Buchegger approached Bachelor Records with the idea to release a CHIEFS single on vinyl. As a collector of early Austrian Punk he got hold of a practice room tape with 12 tracks, cover versions of songs by the KINKS, TROGGS, BO DIDDLEY and YARDBIRDS, but also original ones. Bachelor asked Matt Bordin at Outside Inside Studios, Italy, to clean up the tracks a bit and here you are.... THE CHIEFS, Austrian Proto-Punk at it's best!

The members later went on to form bands like SPRAYS, PLASTIX, WESTBLOCK, STANDART OIL and finally the SWAMP CHIEFS.

Interpret: The Chiefs
Format: 7"
Kategorie: Vinyl
Label: Bachelor Archives
Katalog-Nr.: BA-703
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Erscheinungsland: Austria
Genre: Punk / Garage & Lo-Fi
Style: Lo-Fi / Proto Punk / Killed By Death

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A. Speed Rock
B1. Frustration
B2. Permanent Perfidia
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