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Max Load
s/t (LP+CD+DVD)


Art Punk / Garage Punk / Killed By Death

14 Track LP + 24 Tracks CD + DVD; Inkl. Beiblatt.

Maximum ArtPunk'n'Roll from the wrong side of the river 1979-1983! MAX LOAD was a band from Belleville, IL, which is just across the Mississippi from St. Louis. They released one single in 1979 on their own 198X Records during their existence. It's considered by many to be a Midwestern Punk classic, and it's been bootlegged on the KILLED BY DEATH compilation series.

This release collects the "X-Rod" 7", 1980 studio demos, 1981-1983 4 track demos and a couple more studio demos from 1981 & 1983. All but the two songs from the single are previously unreleased.

The release is an LP + CD + DVD. The LP has the first fourteen tracks, and the CD contains all 24 tracks. It also comes with a DVD which is a 20 song live set broadcast on cable access TV in 1981. The band plays several songs on the DVD that are not on the LP/CD. An 11"x17" insert is included which features liner notes by band leader Terry Jones as well as several previously unpublished photos and gig posters.

Interpret: Max Load
Format: LP+CD+DVD
Kategorie: Vinyl / CDs / DVDs
Label: BDR
Katalog-Nr.: BDR #6
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Erscheinungsland: United States
Genre: Punk / Garage & Lo-Fi
Style: Art Punk / Garage Punk / Killed By Death

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A1. X-Rod 2:00
A2. Magazine Sex 2:27
A3. Va-Va-Va Vicky 2:18
A4. Goin’ Out Tonight 2:29
A5. You're A Blur 2:03
A6. Park My Motor 2:10
A7. Change Your Channel/Taking Over The World 4:39
A8. Mini-Fad 0:40
B1. French Maid 3:18
B2. Stereo Vision 3:50
B3. Nothing Box 2:56
B4. Blue Green 2:32
B5. Things Are Different 2:49
B6. Wishing Machine 3:27

CD1. X-Rod 2:00
CD2. Magazine Sex 2:27
CD4. Goin’ Out Tonight 2:29
CD5. You're A Blur 2:03
CD6. Park My Motor 2:10
CD7. Change Your Channel/Taking Over The World 4:39
CD8. Mini-Fad 0:40
CD9. French Maid 3:18
CD10. Stereo Vision 3:50
CD11. Nothing Box 2:56
CD12. Blue Green 2:32
CD13. Things Are Different 2:49
CD14. Wishing Machine 3:27
CD15. Rapidly Expanding Universe 3:38
CD16. Hot Rods From Hell 3:09
CD17. I Kiss Your Shadow 3:08
CD18. Machine Man 3:05
CD19. I Become Translucent 2:57
CD20. Cold Blast 2:45
CD21. Monster Disco 3:24
CD22. Zero Zone 2:50
CD23. War In Tokyo 3:22
CD24. Va-Va-Va Vicky (Version 2) 2:32

DVD1. Industrial Action (Incomplete)
DVD2. Brave New Tech
DVD3. Change Your Channel
DVD4. Feeling For Flesh
DVD5. Soviet Spy
DVD6. Park My Motor
DVD7. (La Interviews Max Load)
DVD8. Alternative Girls
DVD9. Beat Safari
DVD10. X-Rod
DVD11. Magazine Sex
DVD12. Graphic
DVD13. Distance
DVD14. Taking Over The World
DVD15. You're A Blur
DVD16. Positively Neutral
DVD17. Section F
DVD18. Competition Zero (Sharp Shooter)
DVD19. She's Sharp
DVD20. All Your Secrets
DVD21. Va-Va-Va-Vicky
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