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Graveyard Of The Pacific
Sorcerer (LP)
ex-The Hex Dispensers

NeuwareDE2023Alien Snatch!

Garage Rock / Synth Punk / Surf / Horror Punk

9 Tracks; Black Vinyl; Inkl. Beiblatt; Limited to 400 copies (of 500).

The HEX DISPENSERS got shipwrecked off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, the circumstances of which remain a mystery to this day. Stranded on a former Devil's Island sanctuary, Dave Bessenhoffer (guitar, vocals) formed the GRAVEYARD OF THE PACIFIC along with the water-logged skeletons of Alex Cuervo (synths,backing vocals) and Alyse Mervosh (drums,backing vocals), both joining Dave in Texas doom-pop purveyors HEX DISPENERS and are themselves an EERIE FAMILY. This record trods down similar haunted sonic pathways and inhales your last signs of life with ghostly grave-wave rock. Entitled SORCERER, the songs drag you for a death surf ride into the frigid waters of the Pacific. Lighthouse recordings by the ghost of Mark Ryan (MARKED MEN, MIND SPIDERS).

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Interpret: Graveyard Of The Pacific
Format: LP
Kategorie: Vinyl
Label: Alien Snatch!
Katalog-Nr.: SNATCH!120 (EAN: 4260119671201)
Erscheinungsjahr: 2023
Erscheinungsland: Germany
Genre: Punk / Garage & Lo-Fi / Surf & Instro
Style: Garage Rock / Synth Punk / Surf / Horror Punk

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A1. Numbers
A2. Patterns
A3. Thru Walls
A4. Radium Girls
A5. Crawl, Worm, Crawl
B1. Berlin
B2. We All Can Keep A Secret
B3. Scanner
B4. Anthem
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