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Bleakness - Life At A Standstill (LP)
Bleakness feat. Nico (Going Away Party)
Life At A Standstill (LP)
Neuware EU 2022 Destructure / Sabotage D90 / SABO142
Post Punk / Death Rock / Gothic Rock / Hardcore Punk
10 Tracks; Inkl. Textbeiblatt. The second full lenght of this prolific and inspired band from Lyon. Through these ten new songs, BLEAKNESS walks on a wire between tension and a certain sense of... Details
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Bone Orchard
Princess Epilepsy (12" EP)
2nd Hand (m-/vg; sp; rw) GB 1985 Jungle JUNG 22
Gothic Rock / Death Rock / Post Punk
3 Tracks. They were a spastic group, during the early eighties in the UK. They grey from the punk and post punk movements, in a cult of bands that unofficially claimed the BIRTHDAY PARTY as their... Details
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Desahuciados - s/t (LP)
s/t (LP)
Neuware (m/m-) US 2018 Slovenly 702-209
Garage Punk / Death Rock / Hardcore
11 Tracks. To evict is to abandon: it is to purge a space from its essence, its life, and its refuse. It is from this posture that Puerto Rican power-trio DESHAUCIADOS espouses their hardcore... Details
16,90 €
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Night Miasma - Exhausted (7")
Night Miasma L'Appel Du Vide / ex-Out On A Limb
Exhausted (7")
Neuware DE 2021 It's Eleven IER-002
Post Punk / Death Rock
4 Tracks. NIGHT MIASMA from Chemnitz (East Germany) with members from Postpunk-band L‘APPEL DU VIDE plays a seldom heard mix of Dark Punk with a very melodic edge reminescent of early LA-Punkbands... Details
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Poison Ruin - Härvest (LP)
Poison Ruin
Härvest (LP)
Neuware US 2023 Relapse LP7537R / RR75371
Punk Rock / Post Punk / Death Rock
11 Tracks; Inkl. Textbeiblatt. The Relapse debut from Philadelphia's punk/dungeon synth POISON RUIN. "Raw, dark, and full of sneering attitude". Details
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Poison Ruin - s/t (LP)
Poison Ruin
s/t (LP)
Neuware US 2021/2023 Relapse LP7536R / RR75361
Punk Rock / Post Punk / Death Rock
10 Tracks; Compilation; Inkl. Beiblatt; Reissue. Debitalbum der US-Band aus Philadelphia mit einem Best Of der beiden s/t EPs. "A killer blend of punk, post-punk and dungeon synth". Details
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Theatre Of Ice / Bullets For Pussy ex-Drunks With Guns
Rock Star Autopsy (7", farbiges Vinyl)
Neuware (m/vg+; rw) US 1990 Orphanage ORP 010
Death Rock / Horror Punk
2 Bands; 3 Tracks; Rotes Vinyl. THEATRE OF ICE was an early Death Rock (Gothic Rock) band that formed in the Nevada desert in December 1978. BULLETS FOR PUSSY were a short-lived (horror) punk band... Details
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