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The 99th Floor ex-Sick Rose / pre-The Acid Lemon
Teen Trash Vol. 9 (CD)
NeuwareDE1993Music ManiacMMCD 88009
60s Style / Garage Punk
14 Tracks. 99THE FLOOR are another exponent of the still going strong Italian 60's punk inspired scene of today! They feature ex-members of the well-known and famous SICK ROSE! Details
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The Cryptones ex-Trash Boys / ex-Cherry Hogs / ex-Eklektiks / Greedy Guts
Teen Trash Vol. 1 (CD)
NeuwareDE1993Music ManiacMMCD 88001
60s Style / Garage Punk / R&B
15 Tracks. First release in the Music Maniac serie called the "Teen Trash Serie"! Excellent French band inspired by primitive garage punk & rhythm & blues for the 60s. 7 studio and 8 live recordin... Details
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The Double Naught Spys feat. Danny (The Botswanas) & Mike (The Wrong Directions)
Teen Trash Vol. 5 (CD)
NeuwareDE1992/1993Music ManiacMMCD 88005
60s Style / Garage Punk
16 Tracks; Reissue. USA 60's inspired screaming fuzz-punk. Reissue of the now deleted debut album "Goin' Nowhere With... ", here with 2 extra unreleased tracks. Details
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The Fiends ex-The Worst
Teen Trash Vol. 12 (CD)
NeuwareDE1994Music ManiacMMCD 88012
60s Style / Garage Punk
13 Tracks. Volume 12 already in the International GARAGE PUNK serie featuring all neo Garage-punkers from all over the globe. This time it's the FIENDS from Vancouver CANADA with an excellent 60's... Details
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The Lost Minds
Express Jerky Motions (CD)
Mod / Garage / 60s Style
12 Tracks; Booklet mit Texten. Die LOST MINDS waren eine der besten Mod/Garage Bands, welche je aus Frankreich kamen, wobei sich das Trio nicht etwa am Sound von JAM, SECRET AFFAIR usw. orientiert... Details
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Mando Diao
Ode To Ochrasy (CD)
2nd Hand (m-/m-)EU2006EMI0946 3 69990 2 9
60s Style / Garage Rock / Indie Rock
14 Tracks; Enhanced CD; Booklet mit Texten. 3. Album der Band aus Schweden. Details
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No Not Now!
Monotown (CD)
2nd Hand (vg-/m-)DE1995Disko GrönlandGRÖN 01
60s Style / Garage Punk
15 Tracks. Debüt-Album der 60s inspirierten Garagen-Punk Band aus Oldenburg. Inkl. THE SONICS ("Strychnine") und DEAD BOYS ("Sonic Reducer") Coversongs. Details
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The Others (Italy) feat. The Royal Knightmares / The Mole People
Teen Trash Vol. 7 (CD)
NeuwareDE1993Music ManiacMMCD88007
60s Style / Garage Punk / Psych
15 Tracks. Psychedelic 60s Punk from Italy! Psych-Punk with lots of great FUZZ- GUITARS and wailing FAFISAS! Details
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The Overcoat ex-The Marshmallow Overcoat
A Touch Of Evil (CD)
NeuwareDE1993Music ManiacMMCD 046
60s Style / Garage Rock / Psychedelic Rock
15 Tracks. 2nd studio album by Los Angeles ex-MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT! 60s Fuzz-Punk inspired Garage screamers. Lots of desperate screams, fuzz and tambourines! File under: THE FUZZTONES, DEAD MOON, ... Details
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The Riviera Playboys ex-The Chesterfield Kings / ex-The Projectiles / ex-The Insiders / ex-Susan & The Surftones
Ambassadors Of Rock-N-Roll! (CD)
2nd Hand (m-/m-)DE2005Screaming AppleSCACD 160
60s Style / Garage Rock
14 Tracks. Calling Rochester, New York their home, THE RIVIERA PLAYBOYS represent the epitome of a new breed of 60's garage rock'n'roll combos. The band that includes ex members of THE CHESTERFIEL... Details
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The Sonics feat. Freddie Dennis (The Kingsmen / The Liverpool Five) & Dusty Watson (Dick Dale / Agent Orange)
This Is The Sonics (LP+CD)
60s Style / Garage Punk
12 Tracks; Inkl. CD + bedruckte Innenhülle. THE SONICS are back! Das sensationelle, brandneue Album der legendären 60s Fuzzpunk- / Garage-Rock- Pioniere feat. Jerry Roslie, Larry Parypa und Rob Li... Details
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V/A The Jaybirds / The Clique / The Apemen / Rudi Protrudi / Green Slime / Thee Cherylinas / Jeff Hershey & The Heartbeats / Strange Flowers / The Others
Beat-O-Mania At Its Best (CD)
NeuwareDE1995Music ManiacMMCD 88015
60s Style / Garage Rock / Beat / R&B
9 Bands; 20 Tracks. Special Music Maniac TEEN-TRASH live festival recordings put on CD featured here are: GREEN SLIME (Germany), CHERYLINAS (Germany), APEMEN (Germany), CLIQUE (UK), RUDI PROTRUDI ... Details
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