Anmls - s/t (LP)
s/t (LP)
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk
10 Tracks. From an infected rat infested Chilean gutter comes the debut LP from Santiago's ANMLS - a crude combat booted kick to the temple in the grand tradition of confrontational units like... Details
16,90 €
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The Anomalys - Deadline Blues (7")
The Anomalys feat. Bone (The Sex Organs)
Deadline Blues (7")
Garage Punk
2 Tracks. This is the darkest effort yet from from the negative tequila sex beat bringers, Amsterdam's ANOMALYS. The A-nomaly side of this single, "Deadline Blues", is a tough assed mid-tempo... Details
7,30 €
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The Anomalys - Retox (7")
The Anomalys feat. Bone (The Sex Organs)
Retox (7")
Garage Punk
2 Tracks. The Anomalys are Amsterdam's most dangerous band and one of the world's wildest live bands. They shove two hyper blasts of PURELY REAL punk'n'roll right up yer cootch with "Retox" and... Details
7,00 €
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Choke Chains - s/t (LP)
Choke Chains feat. Tom Potter (Bantam Rooster / The Dirtbombs) & Mark Millionaire (The Chinese Millionaires) & Lindsey Crappor (No Bails)
s/t (LP)
NeuwareUS2016Slovenly / Black Gladiator702-172 / BG 017
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Noise
12 Tracks. Thomas Jackson Potter, he of 90s Crypt Records legends BANTAM ROOSTER and an original member of DIRTBOMBS, has concocted another nasty recipe for disaster with this latest unit... Details
15,50 €
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Desahuciados - s/t (LP)
s/t (LP)
Neuware (m/m-)US2018Slovenly702-209
Garage Punk / Death Rock / Hardcore
11 Tracks. To evict is to abandon: it is to purge a space from its essence, its life, and its refuse. It is from this posture that Puerto Rican power-trio DESHAUCIADOS espouses their hardcore... Details
16,90 €
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Gino & The Goons - Check This Out (7")
Gino & The Goons feat. Buck Biloxi & Nots
Check This Out (7")
NeuwareUS2015Slovenly / Black Gladiator702-175 / BG 018
Lo-Fi / Punk Rock / Garage Punk / Old School
2 Tracks; Limited to 333 copies (of 666). Heres a new 7" from St. Petersburg, FL madmen GINO and the GOONS! On the A-side we have an updated and damaged version of "Check This Out," originally... Details
6,90 €
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Th' Losin Streaks - Sounds Of Violence (LP)
Th' Losin Streaks feat. Tim Foster (The Trouble Makers / Trouble Bound Gospel) & Matt K. Shrugg (Groovie Ghoulies / The Zodiac Killers)
Sounds Of Violence (LP)
60s Style / Garage Punk
14 Tracks; Reissue. Garage Rock, wie er gespielt werden sollte: laut, wild, kompromisslos! Und ohne die üblichen Retro-ismen. Man stelle sich vor THE SONICS treffen Texas Punk '66. Eine... Details
17,90 €
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The Monsters - I'm A Stranger To Me (7")
The Monsters feat. Beat Zeller (Lightning Beat-Man / Reverend Beat-Man)
I'm A Stranger To Me (7")
Neuware (m/m-)US2020Slovenly702-245
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Trash
2 Tracks. Lightning / Reverend Beat-Man and crew are blowing atomic snot rockets across this new 7incher - their first record in a coons age - with a catastrophic blast of breakneck scuzznscum on... Details
9,90 €
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Las Munjitas Del Fuzz - Es El 69 / Sor Cassandra (7")
Las Munjitas Del Fuzz ex-Doctor Explosion
Es El 69 / Sor Cassandra (7", farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareUS2017Slovenly / I Shit In The Milk702-194
Lo-Fi / 60s Style / Garage Punk
2 Tracks; Weisses Vinyl; Limited to 666 copies. Slovenly imprint I Shit In The Milk Records presents the 2nd single from Spain's bastard nuns LAS MUNJITAS DEL FUZZ! A raving mad 60s punk workout... Details
7,90 €
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Thee MVPs - Oh Sally (7")
Thee MVPs
Oh Sally (7")
Garage Punk
2 Tracks. Gravesend, UK, home of THEE MVPs, is a stones throw from BILLY CHILDISH's Chatham, and Mssr. Billy's primitive Medway beat has seeped into the territory and minds of this pretty new and... Details
7,30 €
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Nomos 751 - s/t (LP)
Nomos 751 feat. Bazooka / Drug Free Youth
s/t (LP)
NeuwareUS2018Slovenly702 - 201
Synth-Punk / Garage
17 Tracks. Debut vinyl offering from Greek punk prankster George Fotopoulos, doing business as electro-punk outfit NOMOS 751. This self-titled LP houses more music than should be legally... Details
16,90 €
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The Penetrators - Kings Of Basement Rock (LP)
The Penetrators
Kings Of Basement Rock (LP)
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Killed By Death
12 Tracks; Reissue. Out of print for years, this essential lofigaragepunk masterpieceo crud has been remastered from a copy of the original 1986 FRED RECORDS release for supreme filth. The twelve... Details
15,50 €
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Personal & The Pizzas - s/t (LP)
Personal & The Pizzas
s/t (LP, FOC)
Punk Rock
12 Tracks; Compilation; Klappcover. Collects out of print singles with 5 brand new tracks of the greatest freakin' band in the world! Details
16,90 €
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Pronto - s/t (LP)
s/t (LP)
Lo-Fi / Punk Rock / Power Pop
10 Tracks. Melbourne scuzz squad PRONTO, and their self-titled LP will steal your purse n pills before kicking holes in your speakers! This decroded piece of plastic devolves from hammering... Details
15,50 €
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PUFF - Identitatsverlust (7")
Identitatsverlust (7")
Deutschpunk / Synth-Punk / Post Punk
3 Tracks. Debut single from Berlin's PUFF! If Sean & Erin from THE SPITS were raised in 1980's Germany by freaky parents with a kraut-rock collection, their band might have sounded a lot like... Details
6,90 €
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Puke, Spit & Guts - Eat Hot Lead (LP)
Puke, Spit & Guts
Eat Hot Lead (LP)
NeuwareUS1980/2017Slovenly / Black Gladiator702-190
Punk Rock / Killed By Death
15 Tracks; Inkl. Textbeiblatt; Reissue. The first ever reissue of the infamous "Eat Hot Lead" LP from San Fernando Valley's PUKE SPIT & GUTS! Fully authorized by the band’s surviving members, this... Details
16,90 €
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Puppy & The Hand Jobs - I Hate Everything (7")
Puppy & The Hand Jobs
I Hate Everything (7")
Neuware (m/m-)US2019Slovenly / Black GladiatorBG 033 / 702-242
Lo-Fi / Punk Rock
7 Tracks. The three obnoxious jack-offs known as PUPPY AND THE HAND JOBS are back with another crude EP of filth ridden, barely listenable / tolerable punk called "I Hate Everything," and with 7... Details
8,90 €
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Reigning Sound - I'll Cry (7")
Reigning Sound feat. Greg Cartwright (Oblivians / Compulsive Gamblers)
I'll Cry (7")
Lo-Fi / Garage Pop
2 Tracks. For Slovenly's 50th release they're proud to have this single from Memphis's REIGNING SOUND. For those not in the know, the RS features Greg Cartwright (ex-OBLIVIANS). New recordings of... Details
6,90 €
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The Rippers - A Gut Feeling (LP)
The Rippers feat. Andrea (Sushicorner / Love Boat / Thee Oops) & Claudio (Two Bit Dezperados / Love Boat / Thee Oops)
A Gut Feeling (LP)
60s Style / R&B / Garage Punk
12 Tracks. The fifth album from Sardinian rhythm'n'beat powerhouse THE RIPPERS! Super tough mod-punk snarl and freak-beat floorstompers with galloping tom-toms on "Pain" recall Billy Childishs... Details
16,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Scraper - Misery (LP)
Misery (LP)
Garage Punk / Post Punk
11 Tracks; Inkl. Textbeiblatt. It is with great gusto that Slovenly Recordings thrusts the 2nd LP from San Francisco’s SCRAPER squarely into the jaws of the desperate. Produced by Chris Woodhouse... Details
15,50 €
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Slander Tongue - s/t (LP)
Slander Tongue feat. Axel (Bikes / Modern Pets) & John Boy Adonis (King Khan & His Shrines / The About:Blanks / The Black Jaspers)
s/t (LP)
Lo-Fi / Pub Rock / Punk'n'Roll / Boogie Rock
11 Tracks. Slovenly Recordings welcomes Germany's suave rock'n'roll true-believers SLANDER TONGUE to their stable of international beat group sensations! On their debut, self titled LP we have a... Details
16,90 €
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The Spits
19 Million A.C. (LP)
Lo-Fi / Punk Rock / Synth-Punk
20 Tracks; Compilation. Eine höchst explosive Sammlung von rarem und out of print Material der Punkrocker von THE SPITS aus Seattle. Mit allen Songs der "19 Million A.C." 7"-EP zusammen mit 7... Details
15,50 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
The Spits
s/t (2nd) (LP)
Lo-Fi / Punk Rock / Synth-Punk
9 Tracks. Das 2. selbstbetitelte Album der wohl besten Retro 80er New Wave Punk was auch immer Band des Planeten! Und das auch noch aus Seattle! Eine Stimme wie die des jungen Joey Ramone, mit... Details
15,50 €
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Subsonics - Flesh Colored Paint (LP)
Flesh Colored Paint (LP)
Garage Rock
14 Tracks. Atlanta's SUBSONICS are a gutter-glam, minimal rock'n'roll trio. This is their 8th album and it’s called "Flesh Colored Paint". Like all their previous works, this is a distilled... Details
16,90 €
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Tommy & The Commies - Here Come (LP)
Tommy & The Commies feat. Jeff Houle (Statues / Strange Attractor)
Here Come (LP)
'77 Style Punk / Power Pop / Mod Punk
8 Tracks. From swingin' Sudbury, Ontario, CA (nada), here come TOMMY and the COMMIES with their debut recordings for Slovenly Recordings! "Here Come" is 16 blistering minutes of hooliganistic... Details
16,90 €
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The Wead - By the Whey (7")
The Wead
By the Whey (7")
NeuwareUS2016Slovenly / Black Gladiator702-182 / BG 020
60s / Garage Rock
2 Tracks. The first ever issue of this lost 1966 teenpunk masterpiece. "By The Whey" is a rabid punker wrought with menacing mod riffage, a twisted break and lead vox that shows the singer... Details
7,50 €
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Young Skulls - Bomb Train Blues (7")
Young Skulls feat. Peter Aaron (The Chrome Cranks / Avondale Airforce) & Chris Turco (Trans Am / Scene Creamers) & Matty Dread (El Front / County Hell)
Bomb Train Blues (7")
Lo-Fi / Blues Punk / Synth-Punk
2 Tracks. The group’s debut single on Slovenly. Side A, the thrashing, unstoppably locomotive "Bomb Train Blues", alludes to the deadly rolling stock of the band’s rehearsal room surroundings. The... Details
7,50 €
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