Choke Chains - s/t (LP)
Choke Chains feat. Tom Potter (Bantam Rooster / The Dirtbombs) & Mark Millionaire (The Chinese Millionaires) & Lindsey Crappor (No Bails)
s/t (LP)
NeuwareUS2016Slovenly / Black Gladiator702-172 / BG 017
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Noise
12 Tracks. Thomas Jackson Potter, he of 90s Crypt Records legends BANTAM ROOSTER and an original member of DIRTBOMBS, has concocted another nasty recipe for disaster with this latest unit... Details
15,50 €
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Gino & The Goons - Check This Out (7")
Gino & The Goons feat. Buck Biloxi & Nots
Check This Out (7")
NeuwareUS2015Slovenly / Black Gladiator702-175 / BG 018
Lo-Fi / Punk Rock / Garage Punk / Old School
2 Tracks; Limited to 333 copies (of 666). Heres a new 7" from St. Petersburg, FL madmen GINO and the GOONS! On the A-side we have an updated and damaged version of "Check This Out," originally... Details
6,90 €
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Puke, Spit & Guts - Eat Hot Lead (LP)
Puke, Spit & Guts
Eat Hot Lead (LP)
NeuwareUS1980/2017Slovenly / Black Gladiator702-190
Punk Rock / Killed By Death
15 Tracks; Inkl. Textbeiblatt; Reissue. The first ever reissue of the infamous "Eat Hot Lead" LP from San Fernando Valley's PUKE SPIT & GUTS! Fully authorized by the band’s surviving members, this... Details
16,90 €
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Puppy & The Hand Jobs - I Hate Everything (7")
Puppy & The Hand Jobs
I Hate Everything (7")
Neuware (m/m-)US2019Slovenly / Black GladiatorBG 033 / 702-242
Lo-Fi / Punk Rock
7 Tracks. The three obnoxious jack-offs known as PUPPY AND THE HAND JOBS are back with another crude EP of filth ridden, barely listenable / tolerable punk called "I Hate Everything," and with 7... Details
8,90 €
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The Wead - By the Whey (7")
The Wead
By the Whey (7")
NeuwareUS2016Slovenly / Black Gladiator702-182 / BG 020
60s / Garage Rock
2 Tracks. The first ever issue of this lost 1966 teenpunk masterpiece. "By The Whey" is a rabid punker wrought with menacing mod riffage, a twisted break and lead vox that shows the singer... Details
7,50 €
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