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Last House On The Right (7")
feat. Colin (Safewords) & Joseph (The Breaks / Life Like)

NeuwareDE2015P.Trash / Rockstar

Punk Rock / Post Punk / Gothic Rock / Duo

2 Tracks; Innencover mit Texten; Limited to 600 copies.

"Distance makes the sound grow darker" seems to be the message that VOIGHT-KAMPFF send out after three years of silence with these two new songs. The VK masterminds Sulier and Swanson-White now live further apart in two different states and the songs that they present here has definitely drifted away from their harder sound towards a more dark and danceable Indie/Post-Punk direction. 'Little darlings' has a pulsating and threatening bass line over a mechanic looped drumbeat and a fierce New-Wave guitar delivered by Swanson-White over which Sulier croons in his sombre and laconic baritone voice. Though 'Last house on the right' is harder and, due to the distorted and weird guitar sound, stands out as the punkier track on this 7’’, both songs share the same aloof, melancholic and cool JOY DIVISION vibe that make punks and fans of Dark Wave come together on the dancefloor.

Interpret: Voight-Kampff
Format: 7"
Kategorie: Vinyl
Label: P.Trash / Rockstar
Katalog-Nr.: P.TRASH 95
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
Erscheinungsland: Germany
Genre: Punk / Gothic & Wave
Style: Punk Rock / Post Punk / Gothic Rock / Duo

Sprache: Englisch

Trackliste / Inhalt:

A. Last House On The Right
B. Little Dyings
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