The Grovellers feat. Dave Bass (Lyres) & Kenne Highland (The Gizmos)
Mushroom Clouds / Colored Balls Falling (7")
Neuware US 1988 Stanton Park STP-006
Psychedelic Rock / Indie Rock
2 Tracks; Handnumbered limited edition of 500 copies. Feat. Dave Bass (LYRES) on Drums and Vocals & Kenne Highland (THE GIZMOS) on guitar. Details
4,50 €
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Lyres - A Promise Is A Promise (LP)
Lyres feat. Jeff Conolly (DMZ / Thee Headkotexas)
A Promise Is A Promise (LP, FOC)
Neuware ES 1988/2013 Munster MR 327
80s / Garage Rock
14 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Klappcover; Reissue. The 3rd LYRES LP on Ace of Hearts in another mighty collection and own songs and chosen covers, all bearing the inimitable imprint of the Boston band.... Details
13,90 €
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Lyres feat. Jeff Conolly (DMZ / Thee Headkotexas) & Rick Coraccio (The Real Kids / DMZ / Thee Headkotexas)
Live At Cantones, Boston 1982 (LP)
Neuware ES 2011 Munster MR 311
Garage Rock
13 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies. A furious live set by LYRES at a tiny Italian restaurant that became the home of Boston's underground punk and rock & roll movement. Along with Jeff "Mono Mann"... Details
12,50 €
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Lyres - Lost Lyres: Estudio Rare Tracks (LP)
Lyres feat. Jeff Conolly (DMZ / Thee Headkotexas)
Lost Lyres: Estudio Rare Tracks (LP)
Neuware ES 2013 Munster MR 328
80s / Garage Rock
12 Tracks; Compilation. 7 tracks from the 1980 recordings sessions of "She Pays The Rent" plus another 5 tracks recorded at the same time as their first album, "On Fyre" (1983). All available on... Details
13,90 €
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