Roger Miller Mission Of Burma / No Man / Sproton Layer / Alloy Orchestra
Presents: Xylyl And A Woman In Half (LP, farbiges Vinyl, Cut-Out)
Neuware (m/m-)US1990New AllianceNAR 051
Soundtrack / Ambient / Avantgarde / Instrumental
8 Tracks; Klares Vinyl; Cut-Out. "Xylyl" composed for a performance at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston, July 15, 1989. Each piece (excet "V-2") is based around a sample, sometimes run... Details
5,90 €
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No Man / No Man's Band feat. Roger Miller (Mission Of Burma / Sproton Layer)
Damage The Enemy (LP, Cut-Out)
Neuware (m/m-)US1989New AllianceNAR 043
Art Rock / Indie Rock / Experimental
15 Tracks; Cut-Out. Roger Miller (aka NO MAN) guitarist from the legendary MISSION OF BURMA on one side with his guitar, voice and some sampled claning percussion. The same claning rythm continues... Details
9,90 €
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