Subgenre:GLAM ROCK
Biters - The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (LP)
Biters feat. Tuck Smith (The Heart Attacks / Poison Arrows / Chet Knight & The No Disciples)
The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (LP, FOC)
Glam Rock / Punk Rock / Rock
10 Tracks; Klappcover. 2009 gegründet, hatte die Band aus Atlanta, Georgia das Ziel klassischen Rock ohne große Schnörkel in der Welt zu verbreiten. Ihr Sound klingt trotz 70iger Jahre-Nostalgie... Details
19,90 €
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Marc Bolan - Love And Death (LP)
Marc Bolan T. Rex
Love And Death (LP, farbiges Vinyl, FOC)
NeuwareGB1981/2015Let Them Eat VinylLETV272LP
60s / Glam Rock / Acoustic / Rock
13 Tracks; Klappcover; Weißes Vinyl; Reissue; Limited Edition. "You Scare Me To Death" ist die erste LP, die nach MARC BOLANs Tod 1977 veröffentlicht wurde. Das Album besteht aus Outtakes und... Details
12,50 €
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David Bowie - Bowie At The Beeb (Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68-72) (4xLP)
David Bowie
Bowie At The Beeb (Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68-72) (4xLP)
70s / Glam Rock / Rock
39 Tracks; Boxset; Compilation; 180g Vinyl. "Bowie At The Beeb (The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 1968 - 1972) wurde bereits 2000 auf CD veröffentlicht und feiert nun sein Debüt auf Vinyl als... Details
74,90 €
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Alice Cooper - Splatter Hand (Rückenaufnäher)
Alice Cooper
Splatter Hand (Rückenaufnäher)
Hard Rock / Glam Rock
Lizensierter, trapezförmiger Backpatch. Größe: ca. 30cm x 37cm. Material: 100% Polyester. Details
7,90 €
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Deaf School
Don't Stop The World (LP)
2nd Hand (vg/vg-; gr)NL1977Warner Bros.WB 56364
70s / Art Rock / New Wave / Glam Rock
10 Tracks; Inkl. Innenhülle mit Texten. 1974 gegründete Band aus Liverpool mit einem Stil irgendwo zwischen Glam, Punk, Burlesque, Pop and Art Rock. Details
7,00 €
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Duffo Jeff Duff (Kush)
s/t (LP, Cut-Out)
2nd Hand (vg/vg-; co; socf)DE1979Beggars BanquetINT146512
Art Rock / Glam Rock
13 Tracks; Cut-Out. Australischer Künstler, der 1978 nach London zog. Debüt-Album inkl. "Give Me Back Me Brain" und dem Punk/New Wave-Smasher "I'm Not Really Here". Details
5,00 €
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Faz Waltz
Callin' Loud (LP+MP3)
NeuwareDE2016Contra / Longshot MusicCR207 / LS12183
Glam Rock
10 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code; Limited to 600 copies. FAZ WALTZ from Italy are reclaiming the best of the early 70s sounds for themselves that would get any dance floor packed. The 10 tracks are... Details
15,00 €
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Faz Waltz - Double Decker (LP+MP3)
Faz Waltz
Double Decker (LP+MP3, farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareDE2018Contra / Spaghetty TownCR 284 / STR 008
Glam Rock
10 Tracks; Blaues Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code; Limited Edition. FAZ WALTZ from Italy are reclaiming the best of the early 70s sounds for themselves that would get any dance floor packed. The 10... Details
16,00 €
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Faz Waltz
Good Time Is Callin' Loud (7"+MP3)
NeuwareEU2016Contra / Longshot MusicCR 206 / LS7182
Glam Rock
2 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code; Limited to 600 copies. FAZ WALTZ from Italy are reclaiming the best of the early 70s sounds for themselves that would get any dance floor packed. The 10 tracks are... Details
5,50 €
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Faz Waltz
Julie / I'm Bleedin' (7")
NeuwareIT2018Contra / Spaghetty TownCR279 / STR006
Glam Rock
2 Tracks; Limited to 300 copies. FAZ WALTZ from Italy are reclaiming the best of the early 70s sounds for themselves that would get any dance floor packed. The 10 tracks are filled with the band’s... Details
7,00 €
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Kim Fowley - Living In The Streets (LP)
Kim Fowley Jimmy Jukebox / King Lizard / Lance Romance
Living In The Streets (LP)
NeuwareES1977/2020Mono-Tone / Munster038 / MR 407
70s / Glam Rock / Garage Rock / Rock'n'Roll
12 Tracks; Compilation; Reissue. Kim Fowley has been a maverick presence in rock & roll history for over fifty years: songwriter, recordings with GENE VINCENT, JONATHAN RICHMAN & THE MODERN LOVERS... Details
22,90 €
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Furies - s/t (LP)
s/t (LP)
NeuwareEU2018Contra / Longshot MusicCR273 / TND006
Glam Rock / Punk Rock
10 Tracks; Limited to 300 copies. Debüt LP der FURIES aus Madrid. Das Trio um Sängerin Maria holt aus: Furioser, RAMONES-beeinflußter Punkrock, dieser wird angerührt mit ordentlicher Glam-Attitüde... Details
14,00 €
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Giuda - Overdrive (7")
Giuda ex-Taxi
Overdrive (7", farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareGB2019Rise AboveRISE7/226
Glam Rock / Pub Rock
2 Tracks; Rotes Vinyl; Limited to 300 copies (of 720). Details
10,90 €
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Giuda - Racey Roller (LP)
Giuda ex-Taxi
Racey Roller (LP)
NeuwareGB2010/2012Damaged GoodsDAMGOOD400LP
Glam Punk / Glam Rock / Old School
10 Tracks; Schwarzes Vinyl; Inkl. bedruckter Innenhülle; Reissue. Clap your hands, stomp your feet, here comes GIUDA! An Italian Glam/Glittler/Boot Boy band from Rome, born from the ashes of one... Details
16,90 €
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Giuda ex-Taxi
Speaks Evil (LP, FOC)
NeuwareEU2015Burning HeartBHR-FSBLP 013
Glam Punk / Glam Rock / Pub Rock
10 Tracks; Schwarzes Vinyl; Klappcover. GIUDA (pronounced JEW-DA) are an Italian five-piece band from Rome. Their look of true working class heroes gained a touch of glam-kinda style over the... Details
17,90 €
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Giuda - Yellow Dash (7")
Giuda ex-Taxi
Yellow Dash (7", farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareGB2014Damaged Goods / FungoDAMGOOD429 / FUNGO 005
Glam Punk / Glam Rock / Pub Rock
2 Tracks; Gelbes Vinyl; Limited to 1000 copies. Single vom zweiten GIUDA Album "Let's Do It Again". Die B-Seite ist ein brandneuer Instrumentaltrack, der sich mit dem Schlangengott der Maya befasst. Details
5,90 €
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The Hot Dogs!
NeuwareES2006Rock On MusicRON-0014CD
Punk Rock / Hard Rock / Glam Rock
10 Tracks. The Mythic spanish band that takes the inheritance of the NEW YORK DOLLS, THE FACES etc. with their third album. They are influenced by Punk Rock, Hard Rock, Glam Rock and Proto-Punk.. Details
3,90 €
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Hunx - Hairdresser Blues (LP+MP3)
Hunx Hunx & His Punx / feat. Daniel Pitout (Nu Sensae)
Hairdresser Blues (LP+MP3)
NeuwareUS2012Hardly ArtHAR 052
Garage Pop / Pop Punk / Glam Rock
10 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code. "Hairdresser Blues" is the first solo record from front man Hunx, and features all Hunx, all the time (minus drums, played by Daniel Pitout). Listen in as Hunx... Details
15,90 €
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King Tuff - Screaming Skull (7"+MP3)
King Tuff Kyle Thomas (Alabama Thunderpussy / Exhorder / Floodgate / Happy Birthday)
Screaming Skull (7"+MP3)
NeuwareUS2012Sub PopSP1024
Garage / Power Pop / Glam Rock
2 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code. LA-via-Vermont garage/powerpop wunderkind KING TUFF presents two brand new, non-album tracks, hot on the heels of his critically-acclaimed self-titled LP. "Screaming... Details
6,50 €
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Kiss - Dressed To Kill (LP)
Dressed To Kill (LP)
70s / Glam Rock / Hard Rock
10 Tracks; Reissue; Limited Edition. Ihr 3. Studio-Album von 1975 und meiner Meinung nach mit eines der Besten von KISS überhaupt. Inkl. dem Überhit "Rock And Roll All Nite". Details
23,00 €
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The Manges / Giuda - Tootsie Rolls (7")
The Manges / Giuda
Tootsie Rolls (7", farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareGB2021Damaged GoodsDAMGOOD556
Punk Rock / Glam Rock
2 Tracks; Rotes Vinyl; Limited Edition. Brand new limited edition red vinyl 7" single by THE MANGES. Formed in La Spezia, a small seaside town located in northern Italy, THE MANGES started to play... Details
9,00 €
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The Metal Gurus - Merry Xmas Everybody (7")
The Metal Gurus The Mission
Merry Xmas Everybody (7")
Neuware (m/m-)GB1990MercuryGURU 1
Glam Rock
2 Tracks. Glam rock tribute side project of THE MISSION. Coversongs von SLADE und T. REX. Details
3,50 €
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Space Raft - s/t (LP)
Space Raft feat. Jordan (The Mystery Girls / Honey & Lies) & Tjay (Temper Temper) & Tyler (Father Phoenix / Call Me Lightning) & Srini (France Has The Bomb / Guilty Pleasures)
s/t (LP)
NeuwareUS2014Dusty Medical / BachelorDMR-37 / BR-72
Psych / Glam Rock / Power Pop / Pop Rock
9 Tracks. Whatever image that the name "Space Raft" might conjure up for you, just forget it. They are not specifically a psych band, or a retro-glam outfit, or a blatant '70's throwback. They... Details
12,90 €
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Sparks - Kimono My House (2xLP)
Kimono My House (2xLP)
70s / Glam Rock / Art Rock / Pop Rock
17 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Reissue; Limited Edition. 40th Anniversay Edition. Second disc includes 7 previously unreleased 1973 demos from SPARKS' personal archive. Details
30,00 €
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Thirteen (UK)
Girls Aren't The Same / Teddy Boy (7")
NeuwareUS1978/2014Sing Sing (US)SING057
Power Pop / Glam Rock / Killed By Death
2 Tracks; Reissue. THIRTEEN was a UK power pop three-piece formed in 1977. Their lone 7-inch was released in France, Germany and Holland, but not in the UK. Recorded in summer 1978 with PHIL... Details
6,50 €
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