Bananas Magazine - #4 (Zine)
Bananas Magazine The Hatebombs / The Thing With 2 Heads / The Frowning Clouds / Daddy Long Legs / Timmy Vulgar
#4 (Zine)
Garage / Punk / Psych
Ausgabe Herbst 2011; 48 Seiten. US Garage Magazine mit Interviews und Artikeln über THE HATEBOMBS, THING WITH 2 HEADS, DADDY LONG LEGS, THE FROWNING CLOUDS, TIMMY VULGAR (Clone Defects, Human Eye,... Details
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Les Black Carnations pre-Rainbirds / feat. Sandy Hobbs (The Beatitudes / The Chud) & Mik Moon (Planets)
Beat The Attitude (12" EP)
2nd Hand (vg+/vg; sp; gr)DE1986PastellPOW 5
Psych / Mod / Beat
6 Tracks. 12" EP dieser Berliner Vorgängerband der RAINBIRDS mit gutem Psychedelic Guitar Pop mit Frauengesang. Details
5,00 €
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Les Black Carnations - What Time Did You Say It Is In New York City (7")
Les Black Carnations pre-Rainbirds / feat. Sandy Hobbs (The Beatitudes / The Chud) & Mik Moon (Planets)
What Time Did You Say It Is In New York City (7")
NeuwareDE1988Twang!TS 280763
Psych / Mod / Beat
2 Tracks; Limited to 300 copies. Rare 7" Single dieser Berliner Vorgängerband der RAINBIRDS mit gutem Psychedelic Guitar Pop mit Frauengesang. Die Auflage betrug nur 300 Stück, weil es sich in... Details
4,90 €
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Daisy The Daisy Group
Brave Mr. Real (7")
Neuware (m/m-)US1991Planned ObsolescencePO-3
Indie Rock / Garage / Psych
2 Tracks. Band aus Athens, Georgia. Details
3,90 €
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The Daisy Group Daisy
The Hum Of Life (7")
NeuwareUS1991Planned ObsolescencePO2
Indie Rock / Garage / Psych
3 Tracks. Band aus Athens, Georgia. Details
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Daisy The Daisy Group
I Love The Smell Of Flowers (7")
Neuware (m/m-)US1991Planned ObsolescencePO-4
Indie Rock / Garage / Psych
2 Tracks; Schwarzes Vinyl. Band aus Athens, Georgia. Details
3,90 €
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Destination Lonely ex-The Fatals / ex-Kung-Fu Escalator / ex-The Beach Bitches
No One Can Save Me (LP+CD)
NeuwareCH2015Voodoo RhythmVR1290
Garage Punk / Psych / Trash
10 Tracks; Inkl. CD. Drei ANGRY YOUNG MEN aus Toulouse/Bordeaux, entspringen einer reichen Rock'n'roll Garage Noise Trash Kultur in Süd Frankreich. Sie spielten und gründeten Bands wie BLEW UP,... Details
16,50 €
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The Falling Spikes
Teen Trash Vol. 10 (CD)
NeuwareDE1994Music ManiacMMCD 88010
Garage Rock / Psych
13 Tracks. They have been making great music in the Northwest corner of the United States since 1985. This collection is their entire recorded output, with two exceptions: the master tape of 'My... Details
4,90 €
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The Feeling Of Love feat. G. Marietta (A.H.Kraken / Plastobeton) & Seb Normal (Crash Normal / The Normals / Cheb Samir & The Black Souls Of Leviathan)
Reward Your Grace (LP+MP3)
NeuwareFR2013Born BadBB050
Garage / Shoegaze / Psych
9 Tracks; Inkl. Textbeiblatt + Download-Code. Since its beginning, THE FEELING OF LOVE, mostly based in Metz (France), evolved from a one-man-band playing minimal and nihiliste garage blues with a... Details
14,90 €
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The Future Primitives - Into The Primitive (LP)
The Future Primitives pre-The Dyna Jets
Into The Primitive (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwarePT2013Voodoo Rhythm / GroovieVR1276 / GROO 0040LP
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Psych
13 Tracks; Mehrfarbiges Vinyl; Limited Edition. From Capetown South Africa comes this primitive Trash Garage power trio, raw wild and trashed out in your face with the primitive beat of some real... Details
16,90 €
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Hair & The Iotas feat. Giom (The Beach Bitches / The Toxic Farmers / Les Bellas) & Reno (Crank / Jack Of Heart)
The Highest Grounds (7")
Garage Pop / Psych
2 Tracks. Band aus Frankreichm um die Brüder Giom (ex-BEACH BITCHES, TOXIC FARMERS, BELLAS) und Reno (CRANK, JACK OF HEART). Garage/Psyche/Pop mit Einflüssen aus Rhythm'n'Blues, Soul, 50s... Details
4,00 €
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Lost Balloons feat. Jeff Burke (The Marked Men / Radioactivity / The Novice) & Yusuke Okada (Suspicious Beasts)
s/t (LP+MP3, farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareDE2015Alien Snatch!SNATCH!078
Punk Rock / Power Pop / Psych
14 Tracks; Klares 180g Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code; Limited Edition. Details
13,50 €
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Les Marinellis - Ile De Reve (LP)
Les Marinellis Le Kid & Les Marinellis
Ile De Reve (LP)
NeuwareDE2015P.TrashFULL TRASH 119
Garage Pop / Psych
10 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies. French band with 10 fresh and exciting psychedelic garage-pop gems, intertwined with a hint of western twang and choke-full of catchy melodies. Details
13,90 €
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Cavalcade (LP)
2nd Hand (vg+/m-; rw)CA1991SkycladGROPE 104
Indie Rock / Psych
10 Tracks. Indie Rock / Neo-Psych US-Band aus Davis, Kalifornien. Details
7,50 €
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The Real Energy - Beyond Delay (LP)
The Real Energy feat. The Secret Prostitutes
Beyond Delay (LP)
NeuwareDE2014Erste Theke TonträgerETT 017
Blues Punk / Garage Punk / Psych
12 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt. 3rd album of The Real Energy from Houston, Texas. They are a serial killer blues band and they come up with a potent combination of garage squeal and feedback,... Details
10,00 €
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The Screamin' Mee-Mees feat. Bruce Cole
Clutching Hand Monster Mitt (LP)
2nd Hand (m-/vg+)US1992Dog FaceDF-002
90s / Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Psych / Noise
6 Tracks. 15 Jahre nach ihrer "Live From The Basement" EP (1976) legten die MEE-MEES 1992 mit dieser 12" nach! Details
12,00 €
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SGNLS - 2 (LP)
2 (LP)
NeuwareUS2014P.Trash / FDHFULL TRASH 107 / FDH-125
Synth-Punk / Psych / Industrial
10 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt; Limited to 500 copies. Finally a proper synth punk band! Philly's SGNLS follow in the tradition of bands like The UNITS. Solid songs that should appeal to fans of... Details
16,50 €
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Space Raft - s/t (LP)
Space Raft feat. Jordan (The Mystery Girls / Honey & Lies) & Tjay (Temper Temper) & Tyler (Father Phoenix / Call Me Lightning) & Srini (France Has The Bomb / Guilty Pleasures)
s/t (LP)
NeuwareUS2014Dusty Medical / BachelorDMR-37 / BR-72
Psych / Glam Rock / Power Pop / Pop Rock
9 Tracks. Whatever image that the name "Space Raft" might conjure up for you, just forget it. They are not specifically a psych band, or a retro-glam outfit, or a blatant '70's throwback. They... Details
12,90 €
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Spider Bags - Frozen Letter (LP+MP3)
Spider Bags
Frozen Letter (LP+MP3, farbiges Vinyl)
Garage / Psych / Punk
8 Tracks; Rotes Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code. Chapel Hill, North Carolina's SPIDER BAGS push themselves further out into the psychedelic frontier than ever before, aided by engineer/producer WESLEY... Details
16,90 €
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The Tunas - s/t (LP+MP3)
The Tunas
s/t (LP+MP3)
NeuwareIT2012Wild HoneyWH-013
60s Style / Garage Rock / Psych / Folk Rock
12 Tracks; 150g Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Card. Psych-Punk-Pop (wie es die Band sebst bezeichnet) aus Bologna, Italien. Drittes Album der 2003 gegründeten Band. Von schnelleren Nummern über sweete... Details
11,90 €
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V/A Dwarves / Thee Fourgiven / Royal Nonesuch / Yard Trauma / The Marshmallow Overcoat / The Time Beings / The Marsupials / Al Perry & The Cattle
Raw Cuts Volume Six: American Psych Wars (LP)
Neuware (m-/vg+)GB1987SatelliteRAW 6
60s Style / Psych / Garage Rock / Garage Punk
8 Bands; 16 Tracks. US-Compilation mit 80s Garage Rock Revival Bands. Details
17,90 €
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V/A The Turfits / The Piece Kor / The Mistics / The Alliance / The Mile Ends / The Light Brigade / The Grotesque Mommies / The Truths / The Allies / The Mojos / The Dawnbreakers / The...
Sixties Rebellion Vol. 14: The Basement (CD)
NeuwareDE1996Way BackMMCD 66015
60s Punk / Garage Rock / Psych
14 Bands; 16 Tracks. Vol. 14 of the now already legendary series in the vain of "Pebbles", "Back From The Grave", though more melodic than the last mentioned. All songs are on a compilation for... Details
4,90 €
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V/A The Detroit Riots / The John Does / The Darelycks / The X-cellents / The Hatchet Men / The Missing Lynx / The Movers / The Cave Dwellers / Harley & The Night Riders / Live Five / The...
Sixties Rebellion Vol. 16: The Living Room (CD)
NeuwareDE1999Way BackMMCD 66016
60s Punk / Garage Rock / Psych
16 Bands; 17 Tracks. Vol. 16 of the now already legendary series in the vain of "Pebbles", "Back From The Grave", though more melodic than the last mentioned. Details
4,90 €
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V/A The Vaqueros / The Ebb Tides / The Mod 4 / Tangerine Roof / The Vaqueros / The Oxfords / Tommy Wright / The Underpriveleged / The Sands Of Time / The Berkley Five
Sixties Rebellion Vol. 4: The Go-Go (CD)
NeuwareDE1993Way BackMMCD 66009
60s Punk / Garage Rock / Psych
9 Bands; 14 Tracks. Vol. 4 in the series of rare Primitive USA 60s Punk! Details
4,90 €
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V/A - Wildblumenblues No.2 (LP+CD)
V/A Jack Oblivian / Lombego Surfers / Nomad Riders / The Damnation Kids / The Roaring 420s / Paisley / Live From Las Vegas / Purple Dawn / Helga Blohm Dynastie / Stalin Vs Band / Sex Gods...
Wildblumenblues No.2 (LP+CD, farbiges Vinyl, FOC)
NeuwareDE2016Head PerfumeHP-001
Garage / Psych / Blues Punk / Indie
14 Bands; 14 Tracks; Farbiges Vinyl; Klappcover. Psychedelic, Garage-RocknRoll, Indie, Bluespunk, Surfpunk, Psychodelic, Punk & Weird Stuff aus Dresden, Memphis, Leipzig, Berlin, Basel und Oldenburg. Details
16,90 €
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