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Max Load
s/t (LP+CD+DVD)
NeuwareUS2013BDRBDR #6
Art Punk / Garage Punk / Killed By Death
14 Track LP + 24 Tracks CD + DVD; Inkl. Beiblatt. Maximum ArtPunk'n'Roll from the wrong side of the river 1979-1983! MAX LOAD was a band from Belleville, IL, which is just across the Mississippi f... Details
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The Philosophic Collage
s/t (7")
NeuwareUS1981/2012BDRBDR #7
Art Punk / No Wave / Experimental / Killed By Death
4 Tracks; Remastered; Inkl. Beiblatt; Reissue; Limited to 500 copies. When the band released this EP in 1981, most were confused by the four blasts of Art Punk/Midwestern No Wave, uh...if there re... Details
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The Retros
Inner City Rockers - The Retros 1979 (CD)
NeuwareUS2012BDRBDR #4
Punk Rock / Power Pop / Killed By Death
16 Tracks; Limited to 200 copies. THE RETROS were arguably the best Punk band in St. Louis during their brief existence between 1978-1981. A couple attempts at recordings were made, but THE RETROS... Details
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V/A The Felons / The Zanti Misfits / Trained Animal / The Mopeds / The Oozkicks / Swift Kick / The Strikers
Test Patterns (CD)
NeuwareUS1981/2010BDRBDR #1
Punk Rock / Power Pop / New Wave / Killed By Death
7 Bands; 14 Tracks; Reissue. A reissue of John the Mailman's St. Louis compilation LP brainchild from 1981. Straight up sing-along Punk, Power Pop, New Wave and a couple SKA-ish songs that have be... Details
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