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Charlie 'Ungry ex-Yellow Bird
Who Is My Killer (7")
NeuwareUS2016HoZac / HoZac ArchivalHZR-183 / HZA #20
Proto Punk / Hard Rock / Glam / Killed By Death
3 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies. Raw 1977 UK Hard Rock/Punk perfection. UK punk in the late 1970s was a vast and impossibly diverse sea of groper, mopers and dopers, all desperate to clamp down o... Details
8,00 €
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Heavy Times
Black Sunglasses (7")
Punk Rock
4 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies. These fireballs of nuanced grungey pop are finally unleashed unto the Earth. Have no fear because Heavy Times throbbs along better than ever, lurking in the shadow... Details
9,00 €
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Killer Kane Band feat. Arthur Kane (New York Dolls / Corpse Grinders / The Idols) & Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.)
Mr. Cool (7")
NeuwareUS1976/2016HoZac / HoZac ArchivalHZR-179
Proto Punk / Glam Rock / Killed By Death
3 Tracks; Reissue; Limited to 500 copies. Crushing Proto-Punk debut EP from 1976 with NEW YORK DOLLS' Arthur Kane & future W.A.S.P. frontman Blackie Goozeman. Fully remastered from original tapes ... Details
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Liquid Diamonds feat. Sonny Vincent (Testors / Shotgun Rationale / The Dons / Model Prisoners) / pre-Fury / pre-Testors
Aw Maw (7")
NeuwareUS2014HoZac / HoZac ArchivalHZR-155 / HZA #8
Proto Punk / Killed By Death
2 Tracks; Limited to 600 copies. Sonny Vincent (TESTORS, FURY) had another raging proto-punk band before he started TESTORS, and right after FURY called LIQUID DIAMONDS circa 1973, and HoZac has t... Details
20,00 €
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Mike Rep & The Quotas feat. Mike Rep (True Believers)
Hellbender (LP)
NeuwareUS2016HoZac / HoZac ArchivalHZR-182 / HZA #19
Lo-Fi / Proto Punk / Punk Rock / Killed By Death
12 Tracks; Compilation; Limited to 500 copies. Unreleased Unhinged Underground Ohio Punk circa 1975-78. On "Hellbender" you get a full primal serving of mostly previously unheard chaos, recorded ... Details
8,00 €
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Nobunny Justin Champlin (The Okmoniks / Sneaky Pinks)
Give It To Me (7", farbiges Vinyl)
Garage Pop / Punk Rock
2 Tracks; Gelbes Vinyl; Limited to 400 copies. Debut 7" with 2 NON-LP tracks. Recommended If You Like: Chuck Berry, Hasil Adkins, Milk 'N Cookies, Kim Fowley, Ramones, 1910 Fruitgum Company. Details
20,00 €
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Prix feat. Alex Chilton (Big Star) & Chris Bell (Big Star)
Historix: 1975-76 (LP)
NeuwareUS2016HoZac / HoZac ArchivalHZR-177 / HZA #16
Power Pop / Killed By Death
14 Tracks; Repress; Limited to 300 copies. This incredible mid-'70s powerpop masterpiece might be the most overlooked and unusually obscure offshoot of the BIG STAR family tree. Featuring TOMMY HO... Details
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The Sueves
Liquid Hounds / Bricks 'N' Bones (7")
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk
2 Tracks; Limited to 300 copies. Chicago garage punk band. Recommended If You Like: Young Indentities, Guilty Pleasures, The Reatards, Baseball Furies, Chrome Cranks, MAMA, Gross Pointe, Flesh Pan... Details
9,00 €
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True Believers feat. Mike Rep (Mike Rep & The Quotas) & Tommy Jay
Accept It (7")
NeuwareUS1980/2013HoZac / HoZac ArchivalHZR-140 / HZA #5
Acoustic / Punk Rock / Killed By Death
3 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt; Reissue; Limited to 600 copies. 1980s debut EP from Columbus, OH underground DIY trailblazers. TRUE BELIEVERS was the first actual "band" that "played live" of all of Mik... Details
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