Coconut Coolouts - Halloween Party Songs (7"+MP3)
Coconut Coolouts
Halloween Party Songs (7"+MP3)
Neuware US 2009 Dirtnap ZZZ-90
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk
2 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code. Two spooky Halloween songs. They continue the tradition of killer singles from Seattle's premiere party-punk band, only with a macabre, bone-chilling twist. Abject... Details
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Martha - Please Don't Take Me Back (LP)
Please Don't Take Me Back (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
Neuware US 2022 Dirtnap ZZZ-167
Pop Punk / Indie Punk
11 Tracks; Clear Vinyl w/ White Splatter; Inkl. Poster mit Texten; Limited to 1000 copies. Durham indiepop-punks MARTHA return with their 4th album, and it might just be their best one yet. With... Details
22,00 €
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The Stuck-Ups / The High Beams
Split (7", farbiges Vinyl)
2nd Hand (vg/vg) US 2003 Dirtnap ZZZ-28
Lo-Fi / Punk Rock
2 Bands; 4 Tracks; Grau marmoriertes Vinyl; Limited to 1000 copies. THE STUCK UPS: These two songs will give you a pretty decent look in to Sympathy for the Record Industries new best-kept secret.... Details
3,00 €
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I'm In Love With Girls (7"+MP3, farbiges Vinyl)
Neuware US 2013 Dirtnap / Jonny Cat ZZZ-122 / MUTANT 011
Garage Pop / Power Pop
3 Tracks; Weinrotes Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code. A four piece based out of Portland, OR. Their 2nd LP came out on Jonny Cat Records in 2012. The Willamette Week called it "the best local document... Details
5,00 €
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