King Louie One Man Band Missing Monuments / Bad Times / Kajun SS / Persuaders / The Royal Pendletons
Chinese Crawfish (LP)
Neuware US 2005 Goner 16GONE
Lo-Fi / Garage / One Man Band
16 Tracks. 3 lange Jahre hat es gedauert bis KING LOUIE (ROYAL PENDLETONS, PERSUADERS und BAD TIMES) seinem ersten ONE MAN Meisterwerk "Jesus Loves My One Man Band" ein weiteres folgen läßt. In... Details
13,50 €
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The Leather Uppers
Bright Lights (LP)
Neuware (m/vg+) US 2006 Goner 22GONE
Blues Punk / Punk Rock / Duo
13 Tracks. Die LEATHER UPPERS bieten auf "Bright Lights" eine fulminante Mischung aus rasantem Blues Punk und auf den Punkt gebrachten, und auf das nötigste reduzierten US Punk Rock. 13 Kracher... Details
11,90 €
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The Leather Uppers feat. Anthony Bedard (Icky Boyfriends / Resineaters) & Craig Daniels (The Exploders / Tijuana Bibles / The Bon)
OK, Don't Say Hi (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
Neuware US 1994/2006 Goner / Pantsuit City 27GONE
Blues Punk / Punk Rock
19 Tracks; Pinkes Vinyl; Reissue; Limited to 500 copies. A limited repress of the legendary Neopolitan record originally on Pantsuit City Records and long since out of print - compiling early... Details
11,90 €
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Reatards - Grown Up, Fucked Up (LP+MP3)
Reatards feat. Jay Reatard (Lost Sounds / Nervous Patterns / Bad Times / Terror Visions / Angry Angles)
Grown Up, Fucked Up (LP+MP3)
Neuware US 1999/2015 Goner 118GONE
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Punk Rock
19 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code. Reissue of their 1999 full-length, recorded -with assistance from Alicia Trout- shortly after the release of "Teenage Hate". The music here is less garage-tinged... Details
21,90 €
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