Chrisma - Hibernation (LP)
Chrisma pre-Krisma
Hibernation (LP)
NeuwareIT1979/2015SpittleSPITTLE59 LP
New Wave / Post Punk / Synth-Pop / Killed By Death
9 Tracks; Reissue. In the Italian panorama of the 70s, CHRISMA skirted the common rules of Italian pop (meaning the aura of progressive rock or the first wave of prolific folk-singers), in fact... Details
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Jo Squillo Eletrix - Girl Senza Paura (LP)
Jo Squillo Eletrix Jo Squillo / ex-Kandeggina Gang
Girl Senza Paura (LP)
NeuwareIT1981/2014SpittleSPITTLE52 LP
Punk Rock / New Wave / Killed By Death
16 Tracks; Bedruckte Innenhülle; Reissue. After the break-up of her Milanese all-girl punk group, KANDEGGINA GANG, Giovanna Coletti (aka JO SQUILLO) along with her boyfriend, the KAOS ROCK bass... Details
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V/A Victrola / State Of Art / X-Rated / Not Moving / Blaue Reiter / Death SS / Dirty Actions / B-Sides / Style Sindrome / Wax Heroes / Eazy Con / Pankow
Gathered (LP)
New Wave / Punk / Killed By Death
12 Bands; 12 Tracks; Reissue; Limited to 300 copies. Originally released in 1982 (on Electric Eye), this historic artifact represents the very FIRST compilation of a movement known as "new Italian... Details
16,90 €
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