Bad Weed
Hillside (7")
Lo-Fi / Garage Pop / Punk Rock
4 Tracks; Limited to 500 numbered copies. Formed in Vienna by permateens who believe in the power of sixteeen years olds! Trying hard in squeezing out some tunes out of their shitty gear while... Details
5,50 €
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The Cave Weddings - Last Time (7")
The Cave Weddings
Last Time (7")
Garage Pop
2 Tracks; 500 copies. These two songs are sugar coated but still not too sweet, they are kinda lo-fi-ish but in a good way, and like most BACHELOR releases it has the right amount of melody in it,... Details
5,50 €
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Day Creeper - Blah! (7")
Day Creeper
Blah! (7")
NeuwareUS2010Tic Tac Totally!TTT-034
Lo-Fi / Garage Pop / Indie Rock
4 Tracks. Debüt 7" der Band aus Columbus, Ohio. Poppige Garagesongs im leichten Lo-Fi Gewand, die Teils wie eine Mischung aus DINOSAUR JR. und JAY REATARD klingen. Details
5,00 €
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Hair & The Iotas feat. Giom (The Beach Bitches / The Toxic Farmers / Les Bellas) & Reno (Crank / Jack Of Heart)
The Highest Grounds (7")
Garage Pop / Psych
2 Tracks. Band aus Frankreichm um die Brüder Giom (ex-BEACH BITCHES, TOXIC FARMERS, BELLAS) und Reno (CRANK, JACK OF HEART). Garage/Psyche/Pop mit Einflüssen aus Rhythm'n'Blues, Soul, 50s... Details
4,00 €
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The Humms - Lemonland (LP)
The Humms
Lemonland (LP)
Garage Pop
14 Tracks; 500 copies. The Humms were formed in March of 2008 by Zeke Sayer with friend Tyler Glenn in Hartwell, GA. They recorded the first songs in Zeke's studio which was (at the time) housed... Details
11,50 €
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Hunx - Hairdresser Blues (LP+MP3)
Hunx Hunx & His Punx / feat. Daniel Pitout (Nu Sensae)
Hairdresser Blues (LP+MP3)
NeuwareUS2012Hardly ArtHAR 052
Garage Pop / Pop Punk / Glam Rock
10 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code. "Hairdresser Blues" is the first solo record from front man Hunx, and features all Hunx, all the time (minus drums, played by Daniel Pitout). Listen in as Hunx... Details
15,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Hunx & His Punx
Gay Singles (LP)
NeuwareFR2010Born BadBB027
Garage Pop / Punk Rock
12 Tracks. Homo-A-Go Go! Garage Punk Rock trifft auf süßen Bubblegum-Girl-Pop - Hunx & His Punx schmeißen eine homoerotische Pool-Party mit The Ronettes, den Ramones und John Waters, während... Details
15,00 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Indian Wars - If You Want Me (7")
Indian Wars
If You Want Me (7")
Garage Pop
4 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt; Limited to 500 copies. Indian Wars is a 4-piece garage rock group from Vancouver, BC. The band is made up of two brothers (John and Dave) and their long time friends... Details
5,50 €
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Jacuzzi Boys - s/t (LP+MP3)
Jacuzzi Boys
s/t (LP+MP3)
NeuwareUS2013Hardly ArtHAR-074
Garage Pop / Indie Rock
11 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code. 3. Album der Boys aus Florida. Details
16,90 €
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The Jellybears
2nd Hand (m-/vg+)FR2001Time TunnelTTR1965
60s Style / Garage Rock / Garage Pop
11 Tracks; 220g Vinyl; Inkl. Beiblatt. Garage-Beat/Punk und sonniger Sixties-Pop aus Frankreich. Details
7,50 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Love Boat - Love Is Gone (LP)
Love Boat feat. Claudio (Thee Oops / Two Bit Dezperados / The Rippers) & Andrea (Thee Oops / The Rippers / Sushicorner)
Love Is Gone (LP)
NeuwareDE2011Alien Snatch!SNATCH!056
Garage Pop / R&B
9 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Inkl. bedruckter Innenhülle mit Texten. Details
12,90 €
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The Lovely Bad Things
The Late Great Whatever (LP)
NeuwareUS2013Volcom Ent.VOL-10000-1
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Garage Pop / Grunge / Surf
12 Tracks. Deeply embedded in California's DIY scene, the THE LOVELY BAD THINGS have cultivated a devoted fan base through sharing the stage (or lack thereof) with noteworthy acts THE GROWLERS,... Details
9,90 €
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Lover! - Lets Play A Game (7")
Lover! feat. Rich Crook (Reatards / Lost Sounds / Knaughty Knights)
Lets Play A Game (7")
NeuwareDE2008Red LoungeRLR 049
Garage Pop / Psychedelic
2 Tracks; Limited to 400 copies. More Psych Pop Weirdness from Rich Crook of LOST SOUNDS, KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS, REATARDS etc. fame. Space pop with great Guitar effects. Details
4,00 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Lover! - Lost In The Shuffle: The Singles Collection (LP)
Lover! feat. Rich Crook (Reatards / Lost Sounds / Knaughty Knights)
Lost In The Shuffle: The Singles Collection (LP, FOC)
NeuwareDE2010Red LoungeRLR 084
Garage Punk / Garage Pop / Psychedelic
16 Tracks; Compilation; Klappcover. Singles collection with their gazillion 7"ers . Details
13,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Les Marinellis - Ile De Reve (LP)
Les Marinellis Le Kid & Les Marinellis
Ile De Reve (LP)
NeuwareDE2015P.TrashFULL TRASH 119
Garage Pop / Psych
10 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies. French band with 10 fresh and exciting psychedelic garage-pop gems, intertwined with a hint of western twang and choke-full of catchy melodies. Details
13,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
The Mojomatics - Down My Spine (7")
The Mojomatics
Down My Spine (7")
NeuwareIT2009Wild Honey
Garage Pop / R&B / Duo
2 Tracks. Details
5,50 €
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Motorhead mit mir (7")
NeuwareDE2013Red LoungeRLR 104
Garage Pop / Punk Rock
2 Tracks; Limited to 700 copies. Details
5,90 €
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Third Man Live 05-21-2010 (LP)
NeuwareUS2010Third ManTMR048
Garage Pop / Punk Rock
15 Tracks; Neutrales schwarzes Loch-Cover. Live recording from the performance at Third Man Records (Jack White). Details
16,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Pipsqueak - Ain't That Sad (7")
Ain't That Sad (7")
Garage Pop
4 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt; 500 copies. Details
5,50 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Plexi 3 - Tides of Change (LP)
Plexi 3
Tides of Change (LP)
60s Style / Garage Pop
13 Tracks. Songs full of 60s girl group and mod/pop sounds flavoured with just the perfect pinch of garage punk attitude ! Now it is your turn as music expert and scenester to buy this gem! Details
10,50 €
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The Situations
The Great Barrier (7")
NeuwareES2009MunsterMR 7227
Garage Pop
3 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies. A four-piece from New Zealand that carries on the spirit of the Flying Nun (label) bands like THE CLEAN or THE BATS. They have independently released one album... Details
3,50 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
The Some Loves The Someloves / ex-The Stems / ex-The Lime Spiders / ex-Happy Hate Me Nots
It's My Time (7")
Neuware (m-/m)AU1986CitadelCIT 018
Power Pop / Garage Pop
2 Tracks. Band from Perth, Australia feat. ex-members of THE STEMS, THE LIME SPIDERS and HAPPY HATE ME NOTS. This was their first single. Details
13,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Strange Flowers
Teen Trash Vol. 11 (CD)
NeuwareDE1994Music ManiacMMCD 88011
Psych Pop / Garage Pop
12 Tracks. This is not Teen Trash at all, so it should not be in this series. This is ULTIMATE PSYCHEDELIC tinged POP from Italy. In fact we have not heard something good since RAIN PARADE's... Details
4,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Suspicious Beasts feat. Yusuke Okada (Lost Balloons)
Might Die Tomorrow (LP+MP3)
NeuwareDE2015Alien Snatch!SNATCH!076
Garage Pop
10 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code; Limited to 500 copies. Details
13,50 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Wheels On Fire - Liar, Liar (LP)
Wheels On Fire
Liar, Liar (LP)
NeuwareDE2010Alien Snatch!SNATCH!054
Power Pop / Garage Pop / Rock'n'Roll
12 Tracks; Inkl. bedruckter Innenhülle. Details
12,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
The Yolks - s/t (LP)
The Yolks feat. Spencer Johnson (Spike & The Sweet Spots)
s/t (LP)
Garage Pop
11 Tracks. The self-proclaimed "Kings of Awesome" from Chicago, Illinois, with their first full length! The awesomeness of this record is kinda hard to describe, it just sounds like a bunch of... Details
11,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
I'm In Love With Girls (7"+MP3, farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareUS2013Dirtnap / Jonny CatZZZ-122 / MUTANT 011
Garage Pop / Power Pop
3 Tracks; Weinrotes Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code. A four piece based out of Portland, OR. Their 2nd LP came out on Jonny Cat Records in 2012. The Willamette Week called it "the best local document... Details
5,00 €
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