Subgenre:NO WAVE
Atlas Kopko Coup d'Etat / feat. Kreie (Ix-Ex-Splue)
s/t (LP)
Neuware (m/vg+; rw; sd)CH1988MachMACH 8813
No Wave / Avantgarde / Free Jazz
8 Tracks. Recorded live at the Hirscheneck, Basel and the AJZ, Bern. Details
9,90 €
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Carrows - Demo (7"+MP3)
Carrows feat. Thomas Hütten (EA80 / Serene Fall)
Demo (7"+MP3, farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareDE2018/2020Major LabelML 134
Post Punk / No Wave
4 Tracks; Grey Marbled Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code; Limited to 50 numbered copies. Aus der umtriebigen Mönchengladbacher Schule meldet sich mit CARROWS ein weiteres Seitenprojekt um den EA80... Details
12,90 €
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Eerie Family - s/t (LP)
Eerie Family ex-The Hex Dispensers / feat. Alex Cuervo (Blacktop / The King Sound Quartet / The Gospel Swingers / The Now Time Delegation / A Feast Of Snakes / This Damn Town)
s/t (LP)
NeuwareDE2019Alien Snatch!SNATCH!101
Gloom Pop / Synth-Pop / Garage Doom / No Wave / Dark Wave / Space Rock
11 Tracks; 180g Black Vinyl; Limited to 400 copies (of 500). An asteroid shot out of the stellar belt of the infamous HEX DISPENSERS orbit right when heat absorption got insane. A fantastic... Details
13,90 €
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Fuckuismyname pre-Airpeople
Catelbow (7")
2nd Hand (m-/m-)DE2004Meudiademorte / X-MistMDDM02 / XM-077
No Wave / Post Punk / Avantgarde
4 Tracks. Debut by german NoWave/Post-Punk-band with 4 songs that can be filed in between LES SAVY FAV (because of the song-structures), ROBOCOP KRAUS or the OLIVER TWIST (because of the organ and... Details
1,50 €
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Lake Of Dracula feat. Magas (Couch / Miss High Heel) & Weasel Walter (The Flying Luttenbachers) & Heather Melowic (The Scissor Girls)
s/t (LP)
2nd Hand (m-/m-)US1997Skin GraftGR 39
90s / Noise Rock / No Wave
16 Tracks. The lineup that shocked Chicago (!) - members of THE SCISSOR GIRLS, COUCH, THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS and U.S. MAPLE (!). Details
22,00 €
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Live Skull feat. Thalia Zedek (Uzi / Come / E / Dangerous Birds)
Positraction (LP)
Neuware (m/m-)GB1988What Goes OnGOES ON 29
Noise Rock / Post Punk / No Wave
10 Tracks. Letztes Album der US-Band aus New York. Details
8,90 €
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Midget feat. Moritz Finkbeiner (Mosquito Ego / Cluster Bomb Unit / Metabolismus / Monsieur Mo Rio / Yürgen Karle Trio)
Shoot A Judas (7")
NeuwareDE1996Jon MengJONMENG001
No Wave / Noise Punk / Local Heroes
5 Tracks. Noise-Band aus Stuttgart mit Moritz Finkbeiner. Details
3,50 €
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8 (LP, farbiges Vinyl, FOC)
Neuware (m-/m-)US1998Kill Rock StarsKRS-317
Noise Rock / No Wave / Space Rock / Indie Rock
13 Tracks; Weißes Vinyl; Klappcover. Debütalbum der Allgirl Band aus Osaka, Japan. Details
12,90 €
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The Philosophic Collage
s/t (7")
NeuwareUS1981/2012BDRBDR #7
Art Punk / No Wave / Experimental / Killed By Death
4 Tracks; Remastered; Inkl. Beiblatt; Reissue; Limited to 500 copies. When the band released this EP in 1981, most were confused by the four blasts of Art Punk/Midwestern No Wave, uh...if there... Details
6,00 €
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Sloks - Holy Motor (LP+CD)
Holy Motor (LP+CD)
NeuwareCH2018Voodoo RhythmVR12107
Garage Punk / No Wave / Trash
10 Tracks; Inkl. CD. SLOKS ist eine Super Raw Power Ultra Primitive Dirty Suicide Destructive Garage Punk No-Wave Trashed out Rock'n'Roll Combo aus Turin, die sich in Italien 2015 gegründet hat.... Details
16,50 €
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Divorce Yourself (LP)
Neuware (m-/vg+; rw)US1989Community 3C3-1089
Noise Rock / No Wave
10 Tracks. 2. Album der US-Band aus Rochester, NY. Für Fans von LIVE SKULL, FUGAZI oder MISSION OF BURMA. Details
5,90 €
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V/A Dustdevils / Timber / Fitch / Cop Shoot Cop / OWT / Borbetomagus / Circle X / Royal Trux / Railroad Jerk / The Biggest Square Thing / Rudolph Grey / Unsane
New York Eye And Ear Control (LP)
2nd Hand (m-/m-)US1991MatadorOLE 006-1
90s / Experimental / Noise Rock / No Wave
12 Bands; 13 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt. Details
7,50 €
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Zerodent - Landscapes Of Merriment (LP)
Landscapes Of Merriment (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareDE2018Alien Snatch!SNATCH!090
'77 Style Punk / Post Punk / No Wave
12 Tracks; Grauklares Vinyl; Limited Edition. 2nd album by this Perth, OZ outfit. You get loads of mid-tempo-crushers, solid as rock Australian punk. Typical ZERODENT is WARSAW-WIRE-sque dystopia... Details
14,50 €
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Zerodent - Not Good For Me (7")
Not Good For Me (7")
NeuwareDE2019Alien Snatch!SNATCH!098
'77 Style Punk / Post Punk / No Wave
4 Tracks. European tour 2019 7" with exclusive songs from this Perth, Australia four piece. Unique sound of Lee Jenkins vocals and performance and Pex relentless power pop guitar play and Clintons... Details
5,50 €
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Zerodent - s/t (LP)
s/t (LP)
NeuwareDE2016Alien Snatch!SNATCH!080
'77 Style Punk / Post Punk / No Wave
11 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies. Remarkable debut PUNK LP from Perth, Australia which could be filed in the late KBD, early DIY era without gloryifying a fake canon. Thuggish no-bullshit punk... Details
13,50 €
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