Bauhaus - Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape (LP)
Bauhaus pre-Love and Rockets
Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareGB1980/2018Beggars BanquetBBQLP 38X
80s / Gothic Rock / Post Punk
11 Tracks; Weißes Vinyl; Reissue; Limited Edition. Compiled live shows from 1981-82, recorded across the UK. Details
15,00 €
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Joe King Carrasco & The Crowns Joe Carrasco
Mil Gracias A Tudos Nuestros Amigos (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
2nd Hand (m-/vg+; sd)DE1980StiffSEEZ 28 / 6.24512 BL
New Wave / Tex-Mex / Rock'n'Roll
12 Tracks; Pinkes Vinyl. Debüt-Album von 1980 des "King of Tex-Mex Rock'n'Roll". Details
5,00 €
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Chelsea - Alternative Hits (LP)
Chelsea feat. Dave Martin (Psychic TV / Sucioperro) & Gene October
Alternative Hits (LP, farbiges Vinyl, FOC)
NeuwareGB1980/2016Let Them Eat VinylLETV398LP
Punk Rock / Killed By Death
17 Tracks; Klappcover; Gelbes Vinyl; Reissue; Limited Edition to 1000 copies. Alternative Hits is the second album released by British punk rock legends Chelsea. Since many of the album's tracks... Details
20,90 €
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Citizen feat. Donn Marier
Sex And Society (LP)
2nd Hand (vg+/vg+; socf)DE1980OvationINT 146.221 / OV 1758
New Wave / Prog Rock
9 Tracks. US-Band mit ihrem einzigen Album. CITIZEN waren einer der ersten Video-Acts auf MTV. Details
4,00 €
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Eddie Criss Group - Undertaker (LP+MP3)
Eddie Criss Group feat. Wayne Kramer (MC5)
Undertaker (LP+MP3)
NeuwareUS1980/2020HoZac / HoZac ArchivalHZR-213 / #35
80s / Punk Rock / Hard Rock / Killed By Death
13 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code; Reissue; 1st edition of 500. Newly remastered LP featuring sleaze-punk gold lead guitar from none other than the MC5's Wayne Kramer, and with the same sordid... Details
19,90 €
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The Damned - The Black Album (2xLP)
The Damned feat. Rat Scabies (London SS / Vicious White Kids) & Captain Sensible (The Sensible Gray Cells)
The Black Album (2xLP)
NeuwareEU1980/2016Ace / ChiswickWIK2 334
Punk Rock / New Wave / Gothic Rock / Killed By Death
18 Tracks; Reissue. Ihr 4. Album von 1980 neu aufgelegt. Details
22,00 €
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Nick Gilder ex-Sweeney Todd
Rock America (LP)
2nd Hand (vg+/vg-)NL1980Casablanca6302 066
80s / Rock / New Wave
9 Tracks. 4. Solo-Album des ehemaligen Sängers der kanadischen Glam Rock Band SWEENEY TODD. Details
4,00 €
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The Jam - Sound Affects (LP+MP3)
The Jam feat. Paul Weller (The Style Council)
Sound Affects (LP+MP3)
80s / Mod
11 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code; Remastered; Reissue. Ihr 5. Studio-Album von 1980. Details
17,00 €
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Joy Division - Closer (LP+MP3)
Joy Division ex-Warsaw / pre-New Order
Closer (LP+MP3)
NeuwareGB1980/2015FactoryFACT XXV
80s / Post Punk
9 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Remastered; Inkl. Download-Code; Reissue. 2. und letztes Studio-Album der Band um Sänger Ian Curtis. Details
19,00 €
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Kansas feat. Kerry Livgren
Audio Visions (LP)
2nd Hand (vg/vg; rw; sp)NL1980KirshnerKIR 84500
80s / Hard Rock / Prog Rock
10 Tracks; Innenhülle mit Texten. Details
5,00 €
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Bob Marley & The Wailers - Uprising (LP+MP3)
Bob Marley & The Wailers
Uprising (LP+MP3)
10 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code; Reissue. Details
22,00 €
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Motörhead - Ace Of Spades (40th Anniversary Edition) (3xLP+Buch)
Motörhead feat. Lemmy (Hawkwind / The Rockin' Vickers / Sam Gopal) & Eddie Clarke
Ace Of Spades (40th Anniversary Edition) (3xLP+Buch)
80s / Heavy Metal / Schweinerock
29 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Deluxe Triple Album; 20 Page Book Pack; Reissue. Als "Ace Of Spades" 1980 veröffentlicht wurde, war das ein Wendepunkt für alle Formen des Hard Rocks. Wie ein konservierter... Details
55,00 €
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Gary Myrick & The Figures feat. Gary Myrick (Havana 3 A.M.)
s/t (LP)
2nd Hand (vg+/m-; gr)NL1980EpicEPC 84450
Power Pop / New Wave / Pop Rock
10 Tracks; Innenhülle mit Texten. Gary Myrick wurde in Dallas, Texas geboren und siedelte später um nach Los Angeles, wo er Gary Myrick & The Figures gründete, mit denen er 2 Alben in den frühen... Details
5,00 €
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Malice In Wonderland (LP)
2nd Hand (vg+/vg+)ES1980Mountain / VertigoTOPS 126 / 6370 432
80s / Hard Rock
10 Tracks; Innnehülle mit Texten. Das (laminierte) Cover ist von der spanischen Pressung (6370 432), das Vinyl jedoch eine UK-Pressung (TOPS 126)... Die Laminierung des Covers hat Falten. Details
9,00 €
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Nichts - Tango 2000 (LP)
Nichts ex-Der KFC
Tango 2000 (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
Neuware (m/m-)DE1980/2021CargoCARLP-225
RSD 2021 / 80s / NDW / Post Punk
13 Tracks; Neon Yellow Vinyl; Bedruckte Innenhülle; Inkl. Booklet; Reissue; Limited to 500 copies. ACHTUNG: Das Cover hat oben rechts eine minimal angeschlagene Kante vom Versand! Farbiges Vinyl... Details
23,00 €
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Plastic Idols - Einstein Experience (7")
Plastic Idols
Einstein Experience (7")
NeuwareUS1980/2016RerunRERUN #031
Synth-Punk / Punk Rock / Killed By Death
3 Tracks; Reissue; Limited to 500 copies. Authorized reissue of the 2nd 7" from this early Houston, TX Punk band. Two quirky, jerky Punk attacks with organ and one experimental synth/noise wallop.... Details
8,90 €
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Puke, Spit & Guts - Eat Hot Lead (LP)
Puke, Spit & Guts
Eat Hot Lead (LP)
NeuwareUS1980/2017Slovenly / Black Gladiator702-190
Punk Rock / Killed By Death
15 Tracks; Inkl. Textbeiblatt; Reissue. The first ever reissue of the infamous "Eat Hot Lead" LP from San Fernando Valley's PUKE SPIT & GUTS! Fully authorized by the band’s surviving members, this... Details
16,90 €
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The Reactors - It's Not Important (7")
The Reactors
It's Not Important (7")
NeuwareUS1980/2011RerunRERUN #008
Punk Rock / Killed By Death
2 Tracks; Reissue; Limited to 500 copies. Several great punk bands have used the name THE REACTORS...from San Bernardino, New York City, Austin...and Tulsa, as long as you count LOS REACTORS. The... Details
6,90 €
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Really Red - Modern Needs (7")
Really Red
Modern Needs (7")
NeuwareDE1980/2021Mad Butcher ClassicsMBC 132
80s / Punk Rock / Killed By Death
2 Tracks; Reissue; Limited to 500 copies. 2nd 7" by this US-band from Houston, TX who existed from 1978 until 1985. Details
6,50 €
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Namnlös EP (7", farbiges Vinyl)
NeuwareSE1980/2014Re-KenRE KEN 10
Punk Rock / Killed By Death
4 Tracks; Rotes Vinyl; Inkl. Textblatt; Reissue; Limited Edition. Hot Swedish punkrock from Hjo with love. Details
6,50 €
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The Rock'n'Roll Bitches
Wild West (7")
NeuwareCA1980/2012Ugly PopUP029
Punk Rock / Punk'n'Roll / Killed By Death
4 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt; Reissue. While their name remains known to few outside the rabid record collector cogniscenti world-wide, this legendary Alberta outfit came barrelling out of Edmonton in... Details
8,50 €
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The Romeos
Rock And Roll And Love And Death (LP)
2nd Hand (vg/vg)NL1980CBSCBS 84489
New Wave
10 Tracks; Innenhülle mit Texten. Details
3,50 €
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Silent Knight (LP)
2nd Hand (vg+/vg; socf; wocb)DE1980Polydor2374 166
80s / Prog Rock
8 Tracks; Innenhülle mit Texten; Repress. Details
4,00 €
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Silent Knight (LP)
2nd Hand (vg+/vg+)1980Polydor2374 166
80s / Prog Rock
8 Tracks; Innenhülle mit Texten. Details
5,00 €
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s/t (LP)
2nd Hand (vg+/vg+; sd)DE1978/1980Polydor2417 328
70s / Prog Rock
8 Tracks; Innenhülle mit Texten; Repress. Details
5,00 €
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Paris (2xLP, FOC)
2nd Hand (vg/m-; socf)DE1980A&M396 702-1
80s / Prog Rock / Pop Rock / Art Rock
16 Tracks; Klappcover; Bedruckte Innenhüllen; Reissue. Details
5,00 €
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Bram Tchaikovsky ex-The Motors
Pressure (LP, Cut-Out)
2nd Hand (vg+/vg+; co)US1980PolydorPD-1-6273
Power Pop
11 Tracks; Cut-Out. Zweite LP der UK-Powerpopper um den ex-THE MOTORS Gitarristen. Hier als US-Release, welches identisch ist mit der "The Russians Are Coming" LP aber einen anderen Albumtitel und... Details
8,00 €
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True Believers - Accept It (7")
True Believers feat. Mike Rep (Mike Rep & The Quotas) & Tommy Jay
Accept It (7")
NeuwareUS1980/2013HoZac / HoZac ArchivalHZR-140 / HZA #5
Acoustic / Punk Rock / Killed By Death
3 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt; Reissue; Limited to 600 copies. 1980s debut EP from Columbus, OH underground DIY trailblazers. TRUE BELIEVERS was the first actual "band" that "played live" of all of... Details
9,00 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
The Undertones feat. Feargal Sharkey (The Assembly)
Hypnotised (LP)
Punk Rock / Pop Punk / Killed By Death
16 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Reissue. Their highly acclaimed 1980 2nd LP. 2016 remaster from the original tapes. Details
18,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Vox Pop feat. Jeff Dahl (Angry Samoans) & Paul Cutler (Consumers / 45 Grave) & Michael Ochoa (Nervous Gender)
Cab Driver / Just Like Your Mom (7")
2nd Hand (vg+/-)US1980Bad Trip
Punk Rock / Killed By Death
2 Tracks; Generic Cover. Original 1980 single by legendary LA punk band VOX POP, featuring JEFF DAHL and members of the GERMS, 45 GRAVE, CONSUMERS and NERVOUS GENDER. Was issued without a picture... Details
29,00 €
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s/t (12" EP)
2nd Hand (m-/vg; rw)AU1980Missing LinkMLEP-4
Post Punk / Wave
4 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt. Rare 12" EP von 1980 der Post Punk/Minimal Wave Band aus Melbourne, Australien. Details
18,00 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Wipers - Alien Boy (7")
Alien Boy (7")
RSD 2019 / Punk Rock / Post Punk / Killed By Death
4 Tracks; Reissue; Limited to 2000 copies. Originally released in 1980. 1st ever (official) reissue from original master tapes! Details
15,90 €
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s/t (LP)
NeuwareAU1980PolyEsterLUV SEVEN
New Wave / Punk Rock
10 Tracks. Australian new wave/punk band with female vocals. Details
14,50 €
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