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Adema - Giving In (MCD)
Adema feat. Kris Kohls (Brides of Destruction / Cradle of Thorns)
Giving In (MCD)
2nd Hand (m-/m-) EU 2002 Arista 74321 920102
Nu Metal / Alternative Metal
4 Tracks; Enhanced CD. Band aus Bakersfield, Kalifornien. Inkl. Video-Track zu "Giving In". Details
2,50 €
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Bloodflowers - Torn At The Seams (CD EP)
Bloodflowers feat. Kevin Potts (Cage Decay / Kaltesglas / Weakener)
Torn At The Seams (CD EP)
Neuware DE 2002 Ad Noiseam ADN 12
Dark Ambient / Experimental
5 Tracks; Limited to 300 copies. Bloodflower's "Torn at the seams" is the third volume of Ad Noiseam's Darkambient series. Details
1,90 €
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Discharge - s/t (LP)
Discharge feat. Bones (Broken Bones)
s/t (LP, farbiges Vinyl, FOC)
Neuware GB 2002/2016 Let Them Eat Vinyl LETV457LP
Hardcore Punk
13 Tracks; Klappcover; Rotes Vinyl; Reissue; Limited Edition. 2002er, "Comeback" Album der englischen Hardcore Punk Band. The album represents one of the more successful re-formations of a group... Details
19,90 €
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Feeder ex-Real / pre-Renegades
Comfort In Sound (CD)
2nd Hand (m-/m-) EU 2002 Roadrunner RR 8409-2
Indie Rock / Alternative Rock
11 Tracks. 4. Album der Band aus Newport, Wales. Details
3,00 €
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The Forgotten feat. Craig Fairbaugh (Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards / Transplants)
Control Me (LP)
2nd Hand (m-/m-) DE 2002 Social Bomb SBR 005
Streetpunk / Hardcore
12 Tracks. 4. Album der US-Band aus San Jose, Kalifornien. Details
9,00 €
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The Freshies
I Can't Get Bouncing Babies By The Teardrop Explodes (7")
Neuware JP 1981/2002 1977 1977-S034
Power Pop / Killed By Death
2 Tracks; Reissue. Details
5,90 €
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The Freshies w/ Chris Sievey
If You Really Love Me...Buy Me A Shirt (7")
Neuware JP 1983/2002 1977 1977-S037
Power Pop / Killed By Death
2 Tracks; Reissue. 15th and final single by the band. Inkl. THE BEATLES "I Am The Walrus" Coversong. Details
5,90 €
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The Freshies
Wrap Up The Rockets (7")
Neuware JP 1981/2002 1977 1977-033
Power Pop / Killed By Death
2 Tracks; Reissue. Details
5,90 €
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G-String feat. Matt (ex-Celtix)
Punker Loser Drunker (LP, FOC)
Neuware DE 2002 Crazy Love CLLP 64142
Psychobilly / Punk
14 Tracks; Klappcover mit Texten. Band aus Frankreich. Details
8,90 €
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Giant - Wishing Bone (CD EP)
Wishing Bone (CD EP)
2nd Hand (m-/m-) 2002 Twist TWIST 30
Indie Rock / 60s Style
3 Tracks. Debut CD single from London 4 piece. Strongly influenced by the old school of 60's rock BEATLES, STONES, WHO SMALL FACES, etc.. Details
3,00 €
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Glass Candy - Love Love Love (LP)
Glass Candy feat. Johnny Jewel (Chromatics / Desire / Symmetry)
Love Love Love (LP)
2nd Hand (vg+/vg+) US 2002 Troubleman Unlimited TMU 106
00s / Art Punk / Glam Punk / Dance-Punk / No Wave
8 Tracks; Klappcover; Inkl. Textbeiblatt. Debütalbum der US-Band aus Portland um Sängerin Ida No. Hier noch als Trio mit Drummerin Ginger Peach. Inkl. SCREAMERS und ROLLING STONES Coversongs. Details
30,00 €
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Hammercocks / The Faggot Kings
Split (LP)
Neuware DE 2002 Stereodrive! STD! 023
Scum Punk / Punk'n'Roll
2 Bands; 14 Tracks. A ballsy trans-atlantic team up of two great followers of the good ‘ol down & dirty tradition of buzzsaw Destructo Punk. The HAMMERCOCKS are from Texas and as everybody who’s... Details
7,90 €
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Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice (LP)
Hot Snakes ex-Pitchfork / ex-Drive Like Jehu / ex-The Night Marchers / Rocket From The Crypt
Suicide Invoice (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
Neuware US 2002/2018 Sub Pop SP1218
Punk Rock / Post-Hardcore
12 Tracks; Gelbes Vinyl; Remastered; Reissue. Das 2. Album von 2002 der einflussreichen Post-Hardcore All Stars aus San Diego. Das Album erweitert die musikalische Palette von HOT SNAKES leicht,... Details
18,90 €
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The Loners - s/t (7")
The Loners ex-The Heartbreakers
s/t (7")
2nd Hand (m-/m-) DE 2002 Unter Schafen USR 006
Punk Rock / Power Pop
4 Tracks; Limited to 300 numbered copies. 1998 als THE HEARTBREAKERS gegründete norddeutsche Band. Haben sich nicht ohne Grund umbenannt, denn wer kommt auch auf die Idee sich nach den Punkvätern... Details
4,00 €
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Mad Heads
Naked Flame (LP)
Neuware (m/m-) DE 2002 Crazy Love CLLP 64129
Psychobilly / Punk Rock / Surf / Instrumental
13 Tracks. Band aus der Ukraine. Details
9,90 €
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The Mighty Ions - Face Rakin' Rock (LP)
The Mighty Ions ex-GG Allin & The Jabbers / ex-Unnatural Axe
Face Rakin' Rock (LP)
Neuware DE 2002 Alien Snatch! SNATCH 015
Punk Rock / Punk'n'Roll / Killed By Death
15 Tracks; 160g Vinyl; Inkl. 24-Seitigem Booklet. The MIGHY IONS are from Boston, members played cult bands as UNNATURAL AXE or the first GG ALLIN & JABBERS lineup (you remember, one of the best... Details
13,90 €
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The Monsters - I See Dead People (LP+CD)
The Monsters feat. Beat Zeller (Lightning Beat-Man / Reverend Beat-Man)
I See Dead People (LP+CD)
Neuware (m/m-) CH 2002 Voodoo Rhythm VR1214
00s / Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Psychobilly / Trash
14 Tracks; Inkl. CD. ACHTUNG: Cover unten links minimal angeschlagen! Ihr 6. Album, totaler Trash, im MONSTERS-eigenen Heimstudio aufgenommen. Garantiert Radio untauglich, deswegen bitte LAUT... Details
17,50 €
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Neurose Urbana - Morte Caótica E.P. (7")
Neurose Urbana pre-Death From Above
Morte Caótica E.P. (7")
2nd Hand (m-/m-) CH 2002 Strongly Opposed
D-Beat / Crust Punk
6 Tracks; Inkl. Textbeiblatt; Limited to 500 copies. Band aus Brasilien. Aufgenommen 1997 und 1999. Details
5,00 €
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Phantom Planet
The Guest (CD)
2nd Hand (m-/m-) GB 2002 Epic 506323 2
Indie Rock / Power Pop
12 Tracks. 2. Album der Band aus Los Angeles. Inkl. ihrem Hit "California". Details
3,50 €
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Pledge Alliance - Trümmer einer zerborstenen Welt (CD EP)
Pledge Alliance
Trümmer einer zerborstenen Welt (CD EP)
Neuware AT 2002 Erdkampf Style STYLE 9,5
5 Tracks; Booklet mit Texten. Band aus Österreich. Details
2,50 €
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The Pop Rivets - Fun In The U.K. (LP)
The Pop Rivets feat. Billy Childish (The Milkshakes / Thee Mighty Caesars / Thee Headcoats)
Fun In The U.K. (LP)
Neuware US 1985/2002 Get Hip GH-1024
Punk Rock / Killed By Death
14 Tracks; Compilation; Reissue. The Pop Rivets came together in England during 1977 along with the punk wave that was then sweeping the music scene. Borrowing money, they recorded an album in... Details
17,50 €
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Revive - What Is Your Answer? (CD EP)
What Is Your Answer? (CD EP)
Neuware DE 2002 Still Believe SBR002
6 Tracks; Booklet mit Texten. Erster Output der Band aus Frankreich. Details
2,50 €
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The Ritchie Whites - Snitches Get Stitches (CD)
The Ritchie Whites
Snitches Get Stitches (CD)
2nd Hand (m-/m-) US 2002 TKO TKO ROUND 89
Punk Rock
12 Tracks; Booklet inkl. Texten; Barcode mit Edding markiert; Details
5,50 €
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The Ruts - In A Rut (LP)
The Ruts pre-Ruts DC
In A Rut (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
Neuware DE 2002/2021 Mad Butcher Classics MBC 153
70s / 80s / Punk Rock
16 Tracks; Compilation; Rotes Vinyl; Limited to 100 copies. First time on vinyl, rare recordings and outtakes. Details
17,00 €
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Simpletones - California (LP)
Simpletones feat. Jay Lansford (Anfall / Stepmothers / Channel 3) & Snickers (The Klan) & Jerry (The Cheifs)
California (LP)
Neuware IT 2002/2015 Radiation RRS43
70s / Punk Rock / Killed By Death
20 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt; Compilation; Reissue. Hailing from the SoCal working class town of Rosemead, the SIMPLETONES only released one single on Posh Boy and had 5 tracks on the classic comp... Details
17,50 €
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Spoon feat. Britt Daniel (Drake Tungsten / The Alien Beats / Skellington / Divine Fits)
A Series Of Sneaks (CD)
2nd Hand (m-/m-) US 1998/2002 Merge MRG211
Indie Rock / Art Punk
16 Tracks; Booklet mit Texten; Reissue. 2. Album der Band aus Austin, Texas. Details
6,00 €
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Los Straitjackets feat. Tony Andreason (The Trashmen) & Eddie Angel (The Neanderthals / The Planet Rockers)
Los Straitjackets Meet The Trashmen (7")
Neuware US 2002 Blood Red BRS7007
Surf / Rock'n'Roll
3 Tracks. Feat. Tony Andreason (THE TRASHMEN) on vocals. Inkl. JERRY LEE LEWIS "High School Confidental" Coversong. Details
24,90 €
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Superhelicopter - My Soul (7")
Superhelicopter feat. Nils Damage (Superhelicopter Ltd. / The Damnation Kids / The Gothiefs / The Spamchords / Interstellar Nightmare / Preskool Dropouts / Joe Le Balor / Kalotte)
My Soul (7")
Neuware FR 2002 Yakisakana SAZAE 007
Lo-Fi / Garage Punk / Blues Punk
4 Tracks; Limited to 200 copies. Gleich mit 3 verschiedenen Siebdruck Covern trumpft diese auf je nur 200 Stück limitierte 7" der SUPERHELICOPTER auf, und zeigt somit jedes Bandmitglied auf dem... Details
5,00 €
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Sure Pleasure
A Great Love (CD, FOC)
2nd Hand (vg+/m-) IT 2002 Irma IRMA 508628-2
House / Electro
12 Tracks; Digipak. Funky Club House from Italy. Details
2,50 €
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The Thurston Howlers ex-Crusaders / ex-Hekawis
Lodge Party (LP)
Neuware DE 2002 Screaming Apple SCALP 142
60s Style / Frat Rock / Garage Punk / Instrumental
15 Tracks. Extremely influenced by the North West sound of the WAILERS, KINGSMEN and SONICS, this record is a classic mix of early 6t's frat-rock, wylde garage-punk and swingin' instrumentals. The... Details
8,90 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Tödlicher Irrtum
Hauptsache gesund... (LP, farbiges Vinyl)
2nd Hand (vg+/vg) DE 2002 Scumfuck Mucke SM061
Oi! / Deutschpunk / Fun Punk
12 Tracks; Rotes Vinyl; Inkl. Textbeiblatt; Limited to 500 copies. Debut-LP der Chemnitzer Streetpunkcombo mit einer geballten Ladung melodischem Oi!/Punk-Partypogosound. Die Texte sind nicht... Details
6,50 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
Der Unfug und sein Kind
Play It Against (10", farbiges Vinyl)
Neuware DE 2002 Klartext KR 01
Hardcore / Punk
10 Tracks; Rotes Vinyl; Innencover mit Texten; Inkl. Poster. Erstes Album dieser Hardcore-Band aus Hamburg und erstes Release des Hamburger Labels. "Kompromisslos prügeln sich die Nordlichter... Details
6,50 €
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V/A - The Tribute To Kaaos -The Chaos Continues- (3x7")
V/A Olotila / Juggling Jugulars / Selfish / Katastrofialue / Totuus / Rajoitus / Kirous / Absurd Attitude / Detestation / Turun Tauti / Tuomiopäivän Lapset / Epäjärjestys / Church Of Nihil...
The Tribute To Kaaos -The Chaos Continues- (3x7")
2nd Hand (m-/m-) FI 2002 Fight FIGHT-038
Hardcore Punk
21 Bands; 21 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt. Tribute an die finnische Hardcore-Legende KAAOS mit 21 Bands und 21 Coversongs. Details
12,50 €
(zzgl. Versandkosten)
The World/Inferno Friendship Society - Just The Best Party (LP+MP3)
The World/Inferno Friendship Society
Just The Best Party (LP+MP3, farbiges Vinyl)
Neuware DE 2002/2019 Gunner GNR 181
Punk Rock / Art Punk
12 Tracks; Gelbes Vinyl; Inkl. Booklet + Download-Code; Reissue; Limited to 400 copies. Vinyl-Reissue des 2002 nur als CD erschienen Albums der Band aus Brooklyn, NY. "[...] zwölf Original-Songs,... Details
19,00 €
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