Bananas Magazine - #4 (Zine)
Bananas Magazine The Hatebombs / The Thing With 2 Heads / The Frowning Clouds / Daddy Long Legs / Timmy Vulgar
#4 (Zine)
Neuware US 2011
Garage / Punk / Psych
Ausgabe Herbst 2011; 48 Seiten. US Garage Magazine mit Interviews und Artikeln über THE HATEBOMBS, THING WITH 2 HEADS, DADDY LONG LEGS, THE FROWNING CLOUDS, TIMMY VULGAR (Clone Defects, Human Eye,... Details
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The Batmen
Bubble Skies (7")
Neuware FR 1988 Closer CL0789
80s / Garage / R&B
2 Tracks. French Garage R'n'B Rock band from Grenoble. Details
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The Batmen
Get On Your Knees (7")
Neuware FR 1987 Closer CL0771
80s / Garage / R&B
2 Tracks. French Garage R'n'B Rock band from Grenoble. Details
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Der Beat Von Bagdad
All I Know (7")
Neuware DE 1987 Glitterhouse GR 0013
Country / Garage / Lo-Fi
4 Tracks. Inkl. ROLLING STONES Coversong. Details
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Brat Farrar - Being With You That Night (7")
Brat Farrar feat. Sam Agostino (Digger & The Pussycats / Russian Roulettes / Kamikaze Trio)
Being With You That Night (7")
Neuware DE 2015 Hound Gawd! HGR-012
Garage / Punk Rock / Wave
3 Tracks. Eine der tragenden Säulen des Garagen Punks in Melbourne, Sam Agostino, verbirgt sich hinter dem Pseudonym BRAT FARRAR. Bekannt wurde er durch seine fulminanten Performerqualitäten in... Details
7,90 €
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Burning Bush - As I Went Out One Morning (7")
Burning Bush feat. Don Howland (Bassholes / Gibson Bros.) & Labiators & Lance Wille (Reigning Sound)
As I Went Out One Morning (7")
Neuware NL 2006 A Fistful Of Records AFOR 005
Blues Punk / Garage
3 Tracks; Limited to 500 numbered copies. Don Howland von den BASSHOLES hier mit Chad McRorie und Paul Parsons von den LABIATORS und dem REIGNING SOUND Schlagzeuger Lance Wille. Die A-Seite glänzt... Details
5,50 €
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Thee Cormans / The Pacifics - Split (7")
Thee Cormans / The Pacifics
Split (7")
Neuware AT 2012 Bachelor BR-59
Surf / Beat / Garage
2 Bands; 2 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies. Both bands dont really deserve to be on a split 45 cause they are good enough to have their own 7 Inches. This is a beast of a dirty surf beat platter.... Details
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Divine Horsemen ex-Flesh Eaters
My Sin / Devil's River (7")
Neuware (m/m-) GB 1990 Shock SX 010
Punk / Garage
2 Tracks; Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies. Feat. Chris D. (THE FLESH EATERS). Produced and engineered at Quad Teck Studios, Los Angeles, 1985. Previously unreleased versions. Details
4,90 €
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Die Ersten Menschen - Apocalypse Now & Then (LP)
Die Ersten Menschen
Apocalypse Now & Then (LP)
Neuware (m/m-) AT 2010 Bachelor BR-46
13 Tracks. Long time ago, when Jacko was still alive, DIE ERSTEN MENSCHEN really got some buzz... about their off stage antics and more important - about their music. After punkrock yellow press... Details
12,50 €
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The Feeling Of Love - Reward Your Grace (LP+MP3)
The Feeling Of Love feat. G. Marietta (A.H.Kraken / Plastobeton) & Seb Normal (Crash Normal / The Normals / Cheb Samir & The Black Souls Of Leviathan)
Reward Your Grace (LP+MP3)
Neuware FR 2013 Born Bad BB050
Garage / Shoegaze / Psych
9 Tracks; Inkl. Textbeiblatt + Download-Code. Since its beginning, THE FEELING OF LOVE, mostly based in Metz (France), evolved from a one-man-band playing minimal and nihiliste garage blues with a... Details
14,90 €
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Fortune & Maltese - Knaught Knight / Good & Plenty (7")
Fortune & Maltese feat. Freddy Fortune (The Covingtons / Freddy And The Four-Gone Conclusions)
Knaught Knight / Good & Plenty (7")
Neuware US 1999 Cad
60s Style / Garage
2 Tracks; Limited to 1000 numbered copies. Großartiger 60s Garage Rock'n'Roll mit einer Prise Frat Rock - klingt somit wie eine Mischung aus den härteren Sachen der WAILERS und UNTAMED YOUTH. Der... Details
5,00 €
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The Golden Boys - Dirty Fingernails (LP)
The Golden Boys feat. John Wesley Coleman & James Arthur (Fireworks / Necessary Evils / A Feast Of Snakes) & Matt Hoopengardner (White Heat)
Dirty Fingernails (LP)
Neuware DE 2012 Alien Snatch! SNATCH057
Garage / Folk / R&B
11 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Inkl. bedruckter Innenhülle; Limited to 500 copies. The 5th album by these Texas rockers is a blast of their great songwriting and their soulish garage folk. Mike Vasquez... Details
12,90 €
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The Golden Boys - Electric Wolfman (LP+MP3)
The Golden Boys feat. John Wesley Coleman & James Arthur (Fireworks / Necessary Evils / A Feast Of Snakes) & Matt Hoopengardner (White Heat)
Electric Wolfman (LP+MP3)
Neuware DE 2009 Alien Snatch! / Daggerman SNATCH052! / DMR015
Garage / Folk / R&B
11 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code. "Austin ist an sich ja eher für wilde, rücksichtslose Punkbands bekannt, doch die GOLDEN BOYS sind etwas anders. Nicht dass es ihnen an Wildheit... Details
14,50 €
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The Heatscores
Light 'Em Up!! (10")
Neuware DE 2000 Kamikaze KK-LP 004
Surf / Garage / Rock'n'Roll / Instrumental
11 Tracks. Band aus Kanada. Details
10,90 €
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Lee Joseph Yard Trauma / feat. Rich Coffee (The Gizmos / Thee Fourgiven / The Excessories)
Four By One...Plus Two! (7")
Neuware (m/vg; rw) DE 1987 Mystery Scene MS 004
80s / Garage / Psychedelic
4 Tracks. Gründer von Dionysus Records. Coversongs von MUSIC EXPLOSION, THE SHAMES, ROKY ERICKSON und RICH COFFEE. Recorded at home, Summer of 1984 and mixed at Westbeach, Fall 1986. Details
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Junior Disorder - Black Rose (7"+MP3)
Junior Disorder
Black Rose (7"+MP3)
Neuware DE 2011 Gutfeeling GF028
Garage / Surf / Instrumental / Duo
2 Tracks; Inkl. 6-Song-MP3-Code. Das furiose Münchner Duo JUNIOR DISORDER mit einer coolen Vinyl-7": Lo-Fi-Primitive-Surfmusic at it`s best! Handgefertigtes Siebdruck-Cover, Download-Code inkl.... Details
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King Charles' Head / The White Trash Minstrels
Split (7")
Neuware (m/m-) NL Motorwolf MOTORWOLF 7
Surf / Garage / Instrumental
2 Bands; 3 Tracks. Two instro-surf bands from Holland. Details
5,50 €
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King Khan & The Shrines - Idle No More (LP+MP3)
King Khan & The Shrines feat. King Khan (The Black Jaspers / The King Khan & BBQ Show / The Spaceshits / The Tandoori Knights / The Almighty Defenders)
Idle No More (LP+MP3, FOC)
Neuware US 2013 Merge MRG486
Garage / Soul
12 Tracks; Klappcover; Inkl. Download-Code. Six years in the making since the release of the band's last album "What Is?!", "Idle No More" is full of sweat-drenched, ass-shaking, groovy,... Details
19,90 €
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King Louie One Man Band Missing Monuments / Bad Times / Kajun SS / Persuaders / The Royal Pendletons
Chinese Crawfish (LP)
Neuware US 2005 Goner 16GONE
Lo-Fi / Garage / One Man Band
16 Tracks. 3 lange Jahre hat es gedauert bis KING LOUIE (ROYAL PENDLETONS, PERSUADERS und BAD TIMES) seinem ersten ONE MAN Meisterwerk "Jesus Loves My One Man Band" ein weiteres folgen läßt. In... Details
13,50 €
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King Tuff - Screaming Skull (7"+MP3)
King Tuff Kyle Thomas (Alabama Thunderpussy / Exhorder / Floodgate / Happy Birthday)
Screaming Skull (7"+MP3)
Neuware US 2012 Sub Pop SP1024
Garage / Power Pop / Glam Rock
2 Tracks; Inkl. Download-Code. LA-via-Vermont garage/powerpop wunderkind KING TUFF presents two brand new, non-album tracks, hot on the heels of his critically-acclaimed self-titled LP. "Screaming... Details
6,50 €
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Meine kleine Deutsche feat. Max Groundstroem (Sons Of Cyrus / Holiday Fun Club) & Topi The Kat (Sons Of Cyrus / The Locomotions / Front de Boeuf)
Before People Forget Sound (LP)
Neuware DE 2009 Sounds Of Subterrania SOS 104
Electro / Punk / Garage / Indie Rock
12 Tracks. Sie sind ein Phänomen, gegründet 2002 von Maria "Mia" Johansson und Patrik Boman sind sie so was wie die Urväter des skandinavischen Electroclash. Mit "Before People Forget Wound" liegt... Details
13,50 €
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Meine kleine Deutsche - Roky (CD)
Meine kleine Deutsche
Roky (CD, FOC)
2nd Hand (m-/m-) DE 2006 Sounds Of Subterrania SOS 075
Electro / Punk / Garage
12 Tracks; Digipack. Wild and crazy, danceable and swinging, Meine Kleine Deutsche stamps out boredom by grabbing it at the jugular. Auf Gutdeusch: Harte Elektrobeats, mehrstimmiger Gesang, fette... Details
8,50 €
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Micky Y Los Tonys
s/t (LP)
Neuware ES 2010 ViNiLiSSSiMO MR-SSS 13
60s / Garage / Beat / Rock'n'Roll
16 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Limited to 1000 copies. Reissue of the 1960s recordings by MICKY, a true pioneer of Spanish rock & roll, fronting his band LOS TONYS. Compiles their best tracks, which show... Details
16,90 €
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The Mighty Gordinis ex-Vice Barons
Burnout In Vegas (7")
Neuware DE 1999 Kamikaze KK-33-104
Surf / Garage / Instrumental
5 Tracks. Benzingetränkter Surf 'n'Roll aus Belgien. 3 Instrumentals und 2 Vocal Stücke. Details
4,50 €
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I (LP)
Neuware IT 2011 Wild Honey WH-007
60s Style / Psychedelic / Garage / Folk
18 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt. New Hampshire's MMOSS captures the psychedelic sounds of 1960s like no other. Wonderful instrumentation and arrangements, beautiful harmonies, excellent recording... Details
10,90 €
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Movie Star Junkies
Evil Moods (LP+CD)
Neuware CH 2014 Voodoo Rhythm VR1291
Garage / Blues / Folk
10 Tracks; Inkl. CD. Die MOVIE STAR JUNKIES aus Turin sind zurück mit ihrem 3. Album! "Evil Moods" macht vom Titel her schon alles klar. Inspiriert wurden sie durch die Pioniere des Noir/True... Details
16,50 €
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Nomos 751 - s/t (LP)
Nomos 751 feat. Bazooka / Drug Free Youth
s/t (LP)
Neuware US 2018 Slovenly 702 - 201
Synth-Punk / Garage
17 Tracks. Debut vinyl offering from Greek punk prankster George Fotopoulos, doing business as electro-punk outfit NOMOS 751. This self-titled LP houses more music than should be legally... Details
16,90 €
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Everybody! (2xLP, FOC)
Neuware ES 2013 Munster MR 320
60s / Garage / Beat
24 Tracks; Klappcover; Compilation. Gegründet 1963 waren OLYMPIC einer der ersten tschechischen Beatgruppen, die 1964 auf Vinyl erschienen und 1968 ein Album veröffentlichten. Seitdem haben sie... Details
15,90 €
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The Return Of Captain Ahab
Endless Road (7")
Neuware DE 1987 Glitterhouse GR0018
Indie Rock / Garage
3 Tracks. Details
3,50 €
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Reverend Beat-Man / Izobel Garcia - Baile Bruja Muerto (LP+CD)
Reverend Beat-Man / Izobel Garcia ex-Lightning Beat-Man / The Monsters
Baile Bruja Muerto (LP+CD)
Neuware CH 2019 Voodoo Rhythm VR12109
Garage / Blues / Trash / Folk
11 Tracks; Inkl. CD + Poster. REVEREND BEAT-MAN tut sich mit der LA/Mexiko Legende mit der mysteriösen Stimme des Jahrhunderts, IZOBEL GARCIA zusammen und kreiert gemeinsam mit ihr einen absoluten... Details
16,90 €
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Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle - Tino - Frozen Angel (LP+CD+DVD)
Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle
Tino - Frozen Angel (LP+CD+DVD)
Neuware CH 2014 Voodoo Rhythm VR1289
Garage / Blues / Trash / Soundtrack / Dokumentation
8 Tracks; Inkl. CD + Film DVD + Filmposter. Seit über 20 Jahren drehen die Schweizer Brüder ihre Kreise im Space-Rock-Kosmos wie sonst niemand im Lande. Die drei Stähli-Brüder folgten in all den... Details
20,00 €
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Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark? (LP+MP3)
Royal Blood
How Did We Get So Dark? (LP+MP3)
Neuware GB 2017 Black Mammoth / Warner Bros. 0190295831141
Alternative / Garage / Blues Rock / Duo
10 Tracks; 180g Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code. Das selbstbetitelte Debutalbum von 2014 machten ROYAL BLOOD zu der erfolgreichsten neuen UK Rockband. Es war das am schnellsten verkaufte britische... Details
19,90 €
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King Salami & The Cumberland Three - Goin' Back To Wurstville (LP)
King Salami & The Cumberland Three feat. Kamikaze U.T. Vincent (Chinese Lungs)
Goin' Back To Wurstville (LP)
Neuware GB 2017 Dirty Water DWC1088LP
R&B / Garage / Rock'n'Roll / Soul
14 Tracks. London's only rhythm'n'blues-punk band.They rock up a storm with their own branded mix of vintage rockabilly, desperate rock'n'roll and stomping soul, with fire, energy, gusto and,... Details
17,90 €
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The Sevens
s/t (LP)
Neuware CH 1966/2005 Feathered Apple FA-6507
60s / Garage / Beat
12 Tracks; Inkl. Poster mit Infos; Reissue. Klassiker der 60s Beat-Garageszene der Schweiz. Offizielles Reissue einer der rarsten Garage-Scheiben. Das Original wird mit bis zu 3000 Dollar... Details
15,50 €
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Showman & The Thunderous Staccatos
Eat My Dust Ass'Hole! (LP)
Neuware (vg+/m-) GB 1995 Alopecia WIGLP010
Surf / Garage / Lo-Fi / Instrumental
15 Tracks. Recorded naked at Toe Rag Studios, London, in July 1995 with hinderance from Sir Bald. Band hails from Limoge, France. Details
11,50 €
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Skip Jensen Scat Rag Boosters / Demon's Claws / Stack O'Lees
Abscond (LP)
Neuware BE 2006 Demolition Derby NITRO 28
Lo-Fi / Garage / One Man Band
14 Tracks. Nach drei 7"s, zwei davon auf YAKISAKANA und einer Split auf dem legendäre SOLID SEX LOVIE DOLL gibts nun das erste Album des Kanadiers mit dem Fußschlagzeug. Insgesamt 13 eigene... Details
13,50 €
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Skip Jensen Scat Rag Boosters / Demon's Claws / Stack O'Lees
Spirit Of The Ghost (LP, FOC)
Neuware DE 2010 Red Lounge RLR 077
Lo-Fi / Garage / Blues Punk / One Man Band
12 Tracks; Klappcover. Skip Jensen (Mastermind der SCAT RAG BOOSTERS und der DEMON'S CLAWS) ist mit seinem Album auf Red Lounge Records gelandet, hätte allerdings auch ganz gut auf Fat Possum... Details
14,90 €
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Speedball Baby - Annie Anytime / Hey Shine! (7")
Speedball Baby
Annie Anytime / Hey Shine! (7")
Neuware ES 2003 Discos Alehop! HOP 020
Rockabilly / Garage / R&B
2 Tracks. Die Band ist bislang eher für ihre chaotischen, mit Rhythmuswechseln durchzogenen, wilden Rockabilly Art Punk Nummern bekannt. Umso mehr überrascht ist man vom Titelsong der New Yorker,... Details
4,50 €
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Spider Bags - Frozen Letter (LP+MP3)
Spider Bags
Frozen Letter (LP+MP3, farbiges Vinyl)
Neuware US 2014 Merge MRG521
Garage / Psych / Punk
8 Tracks; Rotes Vinyl; Inkl. Download-Code. Chapel Hill, North Carolina's SPIDER BAGS push themselves further out into the psychedelic frontier than ever before, aided by engineer/producer WESLEY... Details
16,90 €
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The Surf Creatures
X50 (LP)
Neuware GB 1997 Alopecia WIGLP 011
Surf / Garage / Instrumental
17 Tracks. Details
11,50 €
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The Titty Twisters Orchestra
Deluxe Lingerie Only...Please (LP)
Neuware DE Soundflat SFR-015
Garage / Rock'n'Roll / Beat / Frat Rock
14 Tracks. Band aus Italien. Details
13,50 €
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The Uninvited
Nuragic Surfari! (LP)
Neuware IT For Monsters FMR 009
Surf / Garage / Rock'n'Roll / Instrumental
18 Tracks; Inkl. bedruckter Innenhülle. Band from Italy with vocal and instrumental songs. Details
11,90 €
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V/A Elvis Pummel / Sexton Ming / Lightning Beat-Man / Hasil Adkins / Sonny Vincent / Else Admire / Monsterman / Bald Bomber / Mike Jenkins / Phantom / Mr. California / Thee Mysterious...
Me And My 6-Strings Club (10"+7")
Neuware (m/m-) IT 2003 Rockin' Bones RON 010
Lo-Fi / Garage / Trash / One Man Band
17 Bands; 18 Tracks; Limited to 500 copies (200 with 7"). Amazing one man band compilation featuring Elvis Pummel, Lightning Beat-Man, Hasil Adkins, Sexton Ming, Sonny Vincent, Mr. California, The... Details
10,90 €
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V/A Seminal Rats / The Dirty Lovers / Bored! / The Poppin' Mammas
Now Suck This...Dogface (7")
Neuware AU 1990 Destroyer D-002
Garage / Punk Rock
4 Bands; 4 Tracks. Coversongs von ANTISEEN, MC5, THE SAINTS und THE SONICS. Details
9,90 €
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V/A - Voodoo Rhythm Label Compilation Vol. 5 (LP+MP3)
V/A The Monsters / Bad Mojos / The Sex Organs / The Devils / The Dead Brothers / Destination Lonely / Sloks / Reverend Beat-Man & Izobel Garcia / Trixie & The Trainwrecks / Degurutieni /...
Voodoo Rhythm Label Compilation Vol. 5 (LP+MP3, Picture)
Neuware CH 2021 Voodoo Rhythm VR12121
Lo-Fi / Garage / Blues Punk / Trash
15 Interpeten; 15 Tracks; Picture Disc; Inkl. Download-Code. 30 Jahre Voodoo Rhythm Records wird mit 15 komplett verrückten Bands gefeiert, 15 empörende, ohrenbetäubende Stücke aus aktuellen oder... Details
20,00 €
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V/A - Wildblumenblues No.2 (LP+CD)
V/A Jack Oblivian / Lombego Surfers / Nomad Riders / The Damnation Kids / The Roaring 420s / Paisley / Live From Las Vegas / Purple Dawn / Helga Blohm Dynastie / Stalin Vs Band / Sex Gods...
Wildblumenblues No.2 (LP+CD, farbiges Vinyl, FOC)
Neuware DE 2016 Head Perfume HP-001
Garage / Psych / Blues Punk / Indie
14 Bands; 14 Tracks; Farbiges Vinyl; Klappcover. Psychedelic, Garage-RocknRoll, Indie, Bluespunk, Surfpunk, Psychodelic, Punk & Weird Stuff aus Dresden, Memphis, Leipzig, Berlin, Basel und Oldenburg. Details
16,90 €
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The Younger Lovers - Rock Flawless (LP)
The Younger Lovers
Rock Flawless (LP)
Neuware AT 2011 Bachelor BR-48
Lo-Fi / Garage
14 Tracks; Inkl. Beiblatt mit Texten; 300 copies. BRONTEZ PURNELL is not only the head of THE YOUNGER LOVERS, he writes the "She's over it!" column for MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL zine and he's got his own... Details
10,90 €
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